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Global Oil shortage at 1,930,000 barrels per day in October

Blogger RJS, MarketWatch 666 and Focus on Fracking, Global Oil Shortage at 1,930,000 barrels per day in October as OPEC’s output falls 588,000 barrels per day short of quota OPEC’s October Oil Market Report Thursday of this week saw the release of OPEC’s November Oil Market Report, which includes OPEC & global oil data for October, and […]

EIA Oil, Gasoline, Distillate Inventories at New Lows

Latest US Oil Supply and Disposition Data from the EIA. Blogger RJS, Market Watch and Focus on Fracking Gasoline supplies at a 48 month low, distillate supplies at a 19 month low; total inventories of oil and all its products at a 79 month low US oil data from the US Energy Information Administration for the […]

Leading Up to the Build Back Better Act Vote

“Letters From An American,” November 18, 2021; Professor Heather Cox – Richardson Today began with Republican leadership doubling down on its support for Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ), whom the House censured yesterday for tweeting a cartoon video of himself killing a Democratic colleague, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and attacking the president, Joe Biden. Only two Republicans […]

Annual Inflation at a 31 Year High

Commenter and Blogger RJS, MarketWatch 666. CPI Rose 0.9% in October on Higher Prices for Food, Shelter, Energy, and Vehicles; Annual Inflation at a 31 Year High And October at +0.94332% exceeds June at +0.90486% so it’s the biggest one month jump in over 13 years.. The consumer price index rose 0.9% in October, the greatest one […]

Continuing the Conversation on Medicare and Medicare Advantage – 2

Where we are in the Conversation VBP: I had stopped the dialogue on Kip Sullivan’s paper Medicare’s “Value-Based Payment (VBP)” programs are Failing on page 3 of 12 pages so as to detail it as much as possible and breaking this portion out for readers. It can be reviewed here. This part of Kip’s paper […]

Record PPI, Final Demand Goods, and Intermediate Goods Prices

Others are calling October at 8.6% equal to September’s record, but adding additional decimal points shows October +8.6265% clearly higher than September’s +8.5931% “Record 8.6% Annual Increase in October Producer Price Index; Record 14.2% Increase for Final Demand Goods, and a 46 year Record for Prices of Intermediate Goods,” RJS, MarketWatch 666 The seasonally adjusted Producer Price Index (PPI) for final […]

The End is Near . . . Not Really

Farmer and Economist Michael Smith In this AgDaily piece, they do a great job of outlining the history of agriculture and sort of where it is headed, pretty much the same as it always has been, with a few caveats.  Over time it has gotten much harder and now even more so with equipment prices […]

Vaccinating Big Bird, Children, and Giving Adults a Choice to Vaccinate

Sesame Street’s Big Bird Gets a Covid Vaccination After Sesame Street’s Big Bird tweeted that he received the COVID-19 vaccine, Sen. Ted Cruz and other right-wing media figures criticized the character for promoting “propaganda” to children. Sesame Street launched a promotional campaign during the past week after the COVID-19 vaccine was authorized for ages 5-11, […]

Lowest Gasoline supplies since November 2017, Production above prepandemic levels

Focus on Fracking: gasoline supplies lowest since November 2017 despite​ gasoline production above prepandemic levels; Focus on Fracking, Commenter and Blogger RJS US oil data from the US Energy Information Administration for the week ending October 29th indicated that after a modest increase in our oil production and only minor changes to our oil imports, our […]

Marine Corps treating people like human beings instead of Inventory?

Kind of a surprising take on a potentially new Corps being touted in “The Hill” article. The Corps announces a new plan signaling changes to recruitment and retention by targeting individual talents rather than gathering volumes of younger personnel, who are very trainable, training them in an MOS, and making them fit the model of […]