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trump’s TCJA Made the Tax System, Tax Season More Burdensome

In Angry Bear’s commentary Looking at the Trump 2017 Tax Breaks, we examined exactly what the TCJA did for citizens. By the end of 2025, the TCJA would add to the deficit an ~$2.2 trillion. If extended, we can expect another $1.5 trillion. Special exempts were written into the bill so those (business interests) who […]

Medicare for All or Medicare for Wall Street Profits?

Ran across two articles on conservatives, a presidential candidate, and the US Gov. pushing people towards Medicare Advantage plans. I thought I could combine both articles on one post using snippets of information from each. It was too exhausting to do so. I will keep them separate and write each independent of the other. Since […]

Basketball and Watching an Amazing Player

Catlin Clark. It is amazing to watch this young woman play. And then there is me! Small m. I played street ball, YMCA ball, league ball, high school, and a bit of college before the Marine Corps snatched me up. At 6 feet and just shy of 6’1″. I was a thunker. I could get […]

Medicare Advantage Draft Letter making the Rounds in the Senate

Once again, there are efforts being made in the US Senate urging Senators to support Medicare Advantage plans. The facts against Medicare Advantage being beneficial for seniors have been stated over and over again by Kip Sullivan, myself, and others as well. PNHP President has authored a counter letter to the Senate explaining some of […]

Betting it all on a Constitutional Loophole

Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern has posted a good commentary about Oregon politics, “Oregon Republicans bet it all on a constitutional loophole. They lost big-time.” The topic? What happens to in-office politicians who attempt to block legislation or function by not being in attendance. For some years, Oregon suffered from politicians who decided to just not […]

The Renaming of Bird Species Honoring historical figures

In Michigan, we had a feeder about 20 feet from the deck. We would get different species . Flickers, Downey Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Nut Hatches, Wrens, the common sparrows, etc. The Nut Hatches and Chickadees were the acrobats and would hang upside down. When the feeder would empty out the Chickadees would hang around on the […]