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Jobs, Trade Deficit, Construction Spend, and Factory Inventory Reports

MarketWatch 666: Commenter and Blogger RJS; October’s jobs report; September’s trade deficit, construction spending, and factory inventories, et al Major economic reports that were released the past week included the Employment Situation Summary for October from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and three September reports that included metrics which were either estimated or included in last week’s […]

Political declaration of independence (reprise)

Political declaration of independence (reprise), Infidel753, Blogger and Commenter I know Infidel from Crooks and Liars where he would moderate Mike’s Blog Round Up and feature Angry Bear from time to time. Infidel writes some pretty darn good posts on his own site of the same name. This particular post is about the Virginia election […]

September Trade Deficit Rises 11.2% to a Record High

September Trade Deficit Rises 11.2% to a Record High on Lower Exports of Precious Metals, Oil & Oil Products and Capital Goods, MarketWatch 666, Commenter and Blogger RJS Our trade deficit rose by 11.2% in September as the value of our exports decreased and value of our imports increased…the Commerce Dept report on our international trade […]

Well, Its About to Become Worse – Update

Economist and Farmer Michael Smith Introduction Well, Its About to Become Worse as Urea prices jumped to a record strong demand creating supply shortages. Food prices to increase . . . And the Details I was recently sitting on a conference call with a fertilizer analyst and a bunch of monocrop growers, generally feeling out […]

September Income and Outlays, Durable Goods and New Home Sales

Commenter and Blogger, RJS MarketWatch 666 3rd quarter GDP, September’s income and outlays, durable goods, & new home sales The key economic reports that were released this week were the 1st estimate of 3rd quarter GDP and the September report on Personal Income and Spending, both from the Bureau of Economic Analysis ….the week also saw the release […]

Ivermectin Benefits Disappeared as Trial Quality Increased

A followup to an article I had read and previous findings. Not the first time, a drug or drug combination has been disapproved. This usually comes from a lack of supporting evidence coming from clinical trials. Instead there are various studies conducted which show varying degrees of results which may have questionable data. In the […]

September Durable Goods: New Orders Down 0.4%, Shipments Up 0.4%, Inventories Up 0.9%

Commenter and Blogger RJS at Marketwatch 666; “September Durable Goods: New Orders Down 0.4%, Shipments Up 0.4%, Inventories Up 0.9%“ September Advanced Report Durable Goods Manufacturer Shipments, Inventories, and Orders, US Census The Advance Report on Durable Goods Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories and Orders for September (pdf) from the Census Bureau reported that the value of the […]

Gasoline at 47 month low & Distillate at 18 month low

Commenter and Blogger RJS, Focus on Fracking, The Latest US Oil Supply and Disposition Data from the EIA US oil data from the US Energy Information Administration for the week ending October 22nd indicated that after a modest increase in our oil imports and a modest decrease in our oil exports, we had surplus oil to add to our stored commercial […]

Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life

Professor Joel Eissenberg, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Years ago, I was visiting Halle in the former East Germany and my host took me to the nearby town of Leipzig. While walking through town, he stopped at the shop window of a coin collecting store that displayed the defunct East German 50- and 100-Mark notes. My […]

And the Anti-Anything Whiners . . .

“30,000 people were trapped inside Shanghai Disneyland on Halloween after one person tested positive for COVID-19,” Business Insider, Sinéad Baker And United States Anti-Vaxers, maskers, and social distancers whine. Excerpt from the article: Disneyland Shanghai shut down after one positive COVID-19 case was found there. The nearly 34,000 visitors and staff had to get tested […]