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Jimmy Hoffa’s dream versus Jimmy Hoffa’s worst nightmare

As a former union member, Reader Denis Drew writes about Labor and Unions. You can read him at Angry Bear from time to time or at his Blog site: “On Today’s Page,” on todays page, Denis Drew. Jimmy Hoffa’s dream – Jimmy Hoffa’s worst nightmare First: Jimmy Hoffa’s medical labor market wet dream:   a) cannot […]

Unions couple labor directly to consumers in the free market

Opinion piece by Commenter Dennis Drew. Unions and Labor have been Dennis’s bailiwick for as long as I have been with Angry Bear. A nice piece on labor, economics, politics, and power. ~~~~~~~~ Labor unions effectively couple employees directly to paying customers – bargaining for the maximum amount they see consumers are willing to part […]

Open Thread October 5, 2023 – 75,000 Kaiser Permanente workers Strike

Wednesday (October 4, 2023) found more than 75,000 union employees of Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit health providers, walked off the job, marking the largest health care worker strike in US history. Kaiser Permanente unionized health care workers go on strike across dozens of locations,, Samantha Delouya. Open Thread – NPs and […]

Do away with the biggest threat to democracy — with one easy federal labor law stroke.

Unionize America sea to shining sea — do away with the biggest threat to democracy — with one easy federal labor law stroke. On Today’s Page (, Denis Drew. Denis Drew has a commentary unions and federal Labor Law. Conjuring up a potential labor market where all businesses are family owned and family operated. Where […]

Falling Auto Worker Wages and Increasing CEO Pay . . .

UAW-automakers negotiations pit falling wages against skyrocketing CEO pay: U.S. auto companies have the means to invest in EVs, pay workers a fair share, and still earn healthy profits | Economic Policy Institute,, Adam S. Hersh. Yet they are not paying Labor it’s overdue fair share of wages. United Auto Workers (UAW) members at […]

Voting for politicians, unions, and propositions November 2022 – Edited

Other things were on the ballot this election also. In Maricopa AZ, Proposition 469 failed. The proposition would have raised the sales tax a half a cent to fund roads in two counties. In the City of Maricopa, the increased half-cent tax passed. In the county (Pinal), it failed. Meanwhile city residents are whining about […]

Our relationship of work, technology and life

I stumbled upon this article riding home yesterday. It is a pod cast called: On the Media. I catch it at times on my local NPR. Some very intriguing discussions are presented. This one is very timely considering the great dropout in the work force. Or, “resignation” as it is being called. It caught my […]