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It Takes a Village: Scarcity, the NCAAs, and the Decline of U.S. Manufacturing

I don’t remember seeing any of this type of story last year. But this year, Socialism stories abound from the Midwest. My ex-roommate* sends this link to a story about Butler Bulldogs’s Senior Matt Howard’s family being able to attend the NCAA Finals tonight in Houston (video link here). Luke Winn of Sports Illustrated covered […]

Corrective Note

A few years ago—probably four, though maybe more—I was doing some research at SIBL when the National Sport of Canada came on the television screens. It wasn’t that I stopped to watch; that loyalty had been previously established. It was that everyone else who was walking between the floors stopped and watched for at least […]

A Difference in National Priorities

AIG is bankrupt, but Manchester United still wears their logo. However, when Dutch bank DSB Bank NV filed bankruptcy, Stephen Colbert had to step in to sponsor U.S. Speedskating? Maybe the Dutch understand Sports Economics and the Americans don’t?* *J.C. Bradbury, Dennis Coates, Skip Sauer, to name just three, would dissent from the last statement. […]

What We Learn from Sports

Compare and contrast: Philadelphia, after a first-time-in-25-years win: The School District of Philadelphia – as if to prove you don’t need miserable weather to rain on a parade – has no plans to close for a victory celebration, no matter how momentous the occasion might be. “Our expectations are that students will report to school […]