What We Learn from Sports

Compare and contrast:

Philadelphia, after a first-time-in-25-years win:

The School District of Philadelphia – as if to prove you don’t need miserable weather to rain on a parade – has no plans to close for a victory celebration, no matter how momentous the occasion might be.

“Our expectations are that students will report to school just like any other weekday – and report on time,” said Fernando Gallard, spokesman for the school district, this morning.

An entire Georgia county, before a midseason football game:

Call it a case of the Red and Black flu.

Tired of struggling to find enough teachers to staff its classrooms on the Friday before the annual Georgia-Florida football game, the Clarke County (Ga.) School District — which includes Athens, home of the University of Georgia — decided to cancel school altogether.

As a Philadelphia native, I’m proud of the first decision (which was, undoubtedly, be honored in its breech). As an MBA from the University of Georgia, I’m embarrassed.

But not so much as the UGA fans probably are.