Our relationship of work, technology and life

I stumbled upon this article riding home yesterday. It is a pod cast called: On the Media. I catch it at times on my local NPR. Some very intriguing discussions are presented.

This one is very timely considering the great dropout in the work force. Or, “resignation” as it is being called. It caught my attention because of what just might be a new interest in unions?

Take this Job and Shove It: The article is about 1 hour long. It looks at the question of loving your work and how people have been moved to experience their job as “family”. There is the issue of technology and it not actually freeing us. In the end there is a discussion of the Luddites and how their stand against tech has been misinterpreted in that technology needs to shift to being developed from the worker up and not in service to capital and greater efficiency. The article has 3 parts: Why Work won’t love you back, The promise and perils of remote work and Lessons from the Luddites.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see the return of labor being covered as a part of the “news you can use”.

NYPR On-Demand Radio (wnyc.org)

Unfortunately I can not embed from the site of the podcast.