Voting for politicians, unions, and propositions November 2022 – Edited

Other things were on the ballot this election also. In Maricopa AZ, Proposition 469 failed. The proposition would have raised the sales tax a half a cent to fund roads in two counties. In the City of Maricopa, the increased half-cent tax passed. In the county (Pinal), it failed. Meanwhile city residents are whining about road conditions, accidents, and drivers. Speed limits, stop signs, and red lights are just a suggestion.

A statewide proposition failed also. It would raise the sales tax 1 tenth of one percent to fund fire stations in the state. One has to wonder why such propositions fail.

We finished up an election of Senators, Representatives, Governors, and other state offices. There was also a number of propositions on the ballots too. What about Labor? A bigger topic and I have a few examples of what is going on in 2022.

It appears there will be a recount of votes for the Arizona State Attorney. Unofficial Vote Count shows 304 votes separating the candidates at 1:00 PM Mountain Time (edit).

Arizona Election Results

Results: Tennessee voters say ‘yes’ to Amendment 1, prohibiting mandatory union membership,” (, Hannah Getahun, Morgan McFall-Johnsen

In this last election, Tennessee voters agreed to add language to the state constitution stating people do not have to join a union to have a job. Amendment (#1) added language to the state’s constitution. The amendment specifically prohibits “mandatory” union membership in the workplace.

This action is along the lines of what the state Michigan did a few years back with its right to work law. A law which said Labor does not have to join a union.

Is the pay the same?

The share of employed Americans represented by unions has declined. However, their union wages have remained solid. BLS reports on average in 2019, union workers were earning approximately $1,095 per week. Nonunion workers earnings were closer to $892. Another way to say this, nonunion workers were making 81 cents to every dollar union workers were making. 

From this protection, nonunion Labor has the freedom to work without joining a union. Makes sense, yes?

The trend is not always anti-union.

The trends are not always anti-union, Starbuck workers are unionizing. In 2021 and 2022, over 6,500 workers at over 250 corporate-owned Starbucks stores in the U.S. voted to unionize. The workers joined Workers United at the multinational coffeehouse chain. The effort starting with a store in Buffalo, New York.

April 2022, union election results showed employees at the Staten Island Amazon facility voting in favor of unionizing with Amazon Labor Union (ALU). The ALU is a grassroots labor organization started by current and former Amazon employees of the facility. The move marks the first time a group of US workers has successfully voted to form a union in Amazon’s 27-year history.

Union membership did increase over the last three years. The public appears to be more supportive of unions. A Gallup poll from late last year found that 68% of Americans approve of unions, the highest percentage since 1965. President Biden has repeatedly pledged to be the “most pro-union president” in American history and has staffed his administration with a long list of pro-labor appointees, including naming a former union leader as his secretary of labor.

Recent breakthroughs may be a sign union are primed to increase their influence after decades of decline. A new generation of Labor appears to be more open to unions.

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