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Postal workers and allies to protest DeJoy’s Ten-Year Plan

“Postal workers and allies to protest DeJoy’s Ten-Year Plan at BOG meeting, Save the Post Office, Steve Hutkins I missed this announcement at Steve Hutkins “Save The Post Office” blog. Apparently a large number of US Post Office supporters went to the Governor’s meeting and expressed their opinion on Postmaster Louis DeJoy’s plan to centralize […]

Mainstream Media Is Obsessed With Inflation

Commentary by Left Jabber @ “Left Jabs.” I had the fortune to run across this commentary at Mike’s Blog Roundup as presented by DriftGlass. Left Jabber is taking a different approach than I did in my earlier post. He is saying the same thing about Biden’s fiscal policy the last two years, It made for […]

What News Was in My In-Box, November 2, 2022

A lot of good and assorted News topics to be read. I did not include any about the upcoming election. I did include one on polling. The same as 2020, I believe the polling results are tainted. We are not getting a clear picture from polling or news reporting. That is just one of 30-something […]

Emissions Gap Report for the United States and Globally

Two posts are at the bottom of this one. Just talking about on-purpose emission of exhaust by pickup trucks which have had the emissions control devices altered. They did this to blow black exhaust out of their exhaust. This report on Treehugger is an update on how well the world is doing. Simple terms, it […]

The tide has now turned as to house prices

The tide has now turned as to house prices Last month I wrote that the FHFA showed evidence that house prices had peaked, and that “since the FHFA has a tendency to turn slightly ahead of the Case Shiller index, this strongly suggests that a sharp deceleration in the Case Shiller index YoY will start […]

The Wealth of America’s Bottom 50% Doubled

How can this be?  September 28, 2022, we have Senator Bernie Sanders tweeting (I don’t, guess I need to eat some bird seed). The obscene level of income and wealth inequality in America is a profoundly moral issue that we cannot continue to ignore or sweep under the rug. A society cannot sustain itself when […]

A Declining Interest in Boosters

Much of this post is from “Among Seniors, a Declining Interest in Boosters,” ( This article first appeared in the New York Times as authored by Paula Span, October 22, 2022. I think what is important here is the growing indifference to Covid. They have been inoculated against Covid with the original series of shots. […]

“Long Beach and Los Angeles Shipping Backlog Ends”

If you have no idea of what a container ship looks like when loaded with containers, here is one example. I have no idea what port this one may be pulling into. The backside of the container ship has 178 containers with the top corners empty. If you had the time and the know-how, I […]

New USPS Sorting Center Unduly Taxes One Town’s Mail Carriers

This is part of a continuing commentary on new centralized mail sorting centers. Postmaster General Louis Dejoy is implementing to increase distribution efficiency. Local post office carriers would drive here to pick up mail and then to their routes to deliver mail. It sounds efficient for the post office, but not so efficient for mail […]