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2nd Amendment

5/29/2022, on Fox News, Mo Brooks explains to the nation that the Second Amendment was intended to protect the citizenry from a tyrannical government. Course it wasn’t, but then Mo, being Mo, believes that it was. Mo, no doubt believes in ‘The Lost Cause’, too; and, until it became too obnoxious to say out loud, […]

Parts of the Democratic left are threatening to burn down the house because they don’t get to sleep in the master bedroom

They should reconsider. In my prior post, I noted that some progressives seem to be blaming their fellow Democrats for not doing more to protect abortion rights.  This “blame the Democrats” strategy may generate clicks, but it’s hard to see what else it will accomplish, other than demotivating Democratic voters. Unfortunately, the “blame the Democrats” […]

Why Do Republicans Allow the Slaughtering of Children to Protect Guns?

May 24, 2022, Uvalde Texas Authorities stood by and allowed one individual to slaughter the children at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. The Uvalde police, Texas State Police, etc. who are to serve and protect all, stood by and disallowed others to go and rescue children. The calls kept coming in to 911 for help. […]

Ammosexual fantasy vs real life

Ammosexual amateurs think a gun gives them superpowers. In reality, trained law enforcement only hit their target ca. 30% of the time on average at close range in an active shooter event. And that’s with training and regular practice. Unless you’re training regularly, you’re not going to protect yourself with a gun, and you’re likely […]

The Cultural Marxism – Conservative Christian Consensus on America’s Culture of Violence

The Cultural Marxism – Conservative Christian Consensus on America’s Culture of Violence Gun Culture and the American Nightmare of Violence by Henry Giroux, January 10, 2016: Mass shootings have become routine in the United States and speak to a society that relies on violence to feed the coffers of the merchants of death. Given the profits […]

An Army of All-American Paramilitary Death-Squad Soloists

An Army of All-American Paramilitary Death-Squad Soloists In their 2014 Super Bowl ad (declined by the NFL), Daniel Defense, the AR-15 merchants of death, EXPLICITLY tied a ‘paramilitary army-of-one’ motif to its role as a military-industrial complex supplier. A man arrives home — presumably from a tour of duty — and enters the house past […]

highest refinery utilization rate since 2019, greatest refinery throughput in 11 months

RJS: Focus on Fracking Summary: US oil exports at a 26 month high with SPR at a 34½ year low & US oil supplies at a 17 year low; total oil + products inventories at a 13½ year low even with highest refinery utilization rate since 2019, greatest refinery  throughput in 11 months… The Latest US Oil Supply and Disposition Data from the EIA […]

Households are getting much more overextended

Real income and – especially – spending increase in April, but households are getting much more overextended by NewDealdemocrat In April nominal personal income rose 0.4%, and spending rose 0.9%. March’s spending was revised up from 1.1% to 1.4%. In more good news, the personal consumption deflator, i.e., the relevant measure of inflation, rose only 0.2%, […]