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Evolution of the Trump Administration: An Op Ed

Donald Trump seems to be missing some sort of a regulator that prevents him from simply saying what temporarily happens to be on his mind. That made it inevitable that he would treat his audience to a regular stream of faux pas. However, I think both the degree and severity of the mess may be diminished going forward.

The reason has to do with how the Trump administration came into being. Simply put, unlike most candidates, he actually beat both major political parties in the US, not just the Democrats. He took the Republican nomination by beating the presumptive heir – Jeb Bush. Then he beat the back-ups who were viewed as acceptable to most establishment Republicans: Rubio and Cruz.

Now, when a new President takes office, he can usually stock his administration from think tanks and members of the political intelligentsia. Trump couldn’t. As the Republican nominee, he was never going to use left-leaning people. But he wasn’t about to bring in people from the Bush/Rubio/Cruz camps, nor were many of them willing to serve under him either. That pretty much ruled out the vast majority people with any experience in how Washington works.

So who was left? Well, there were disaffected members of the Republican establishment (those who had pissed off the neocons during the last Republican administration), some elements in the military, and people on the right who had been criticizing the Republican party for a long time. The latter group tend to be the most numerous. They also live on the fringes. And like most people on the fringes, they have no idea how the world works. Many are bombastic, like Trump himself.

So that was the well from which Trump could draw. A clown show was inevitable. And since many of the clowns were actually advising Trump himself, it was also predictable that Trump would be repeating some of their nonsense, sprinkled in with some that was homegrown.

But it seems that Trump can learn, after all. He may brag that he is the bestest Presidentiest President ever, but under it all, people he trusts remind him that he isn’t actually getting anything done. Somewhere along the way, it occurred to him to get rid of Priebus and replace him with Kelly. What Kelly himself believes – politically – isn’t entirely clear, but he is a four star general, and it seems clear he understands how organizations work. He quickly unloaded a couple of the more clown-ish actors, the Mooch and Steve Bannon, and perhaps his own predecessor.

Assuming Trump and Kelly remain in place, this should lead to something resembling professionalism in some of the corners of the administration that haven’t had such a thing in a while. That professionalism should even manifest itself in advice given to the President, reducing the amount of crazy-talk taking up valuable shelf-space in his head. That in turn might cut down on some of the more soap opera-ish activity coming from both Trump and the rest of the administration.

Is that a good thing? Well, there’s a yes and a no to that question. The yes piece is obvious, so I won’t elaborate. But as to the no… year to date, Trump was busy proposing ideas that had no support from anyone except the fringes and peddling them in ways that couldn’t possibly gain traction. As a result, those ideas went nowhere. But what happens if he starts running with garden-variety Republican tropes? Those tropes can gain the support they need to be enacted. They also didn’t generate positive outcomes the last few times we’ve seen them applied. Nor is there any real reason to expect that things will be turn out differently the next time the are tried.

I have to say, I was naive. I didn’t even think that Caligula might have an effective chief of staff.

Is the Overton Window Wide Enough for the Insane Clown Posse to Deliver Us Unto Bernie?

And they say only Sarah can toss word salad? Au contraire mes freres! Et Souers! Et comarades!

Six months ago only morons believed the ‘morans’ would put this country in a position where there was even a tiny crack for a ‘democratic socialist’ or even a full out ‘social democrat’ to squeeze through a window of acceptable discourse into the White House. Maybe YOU “Felt the Bern!” but if you had a glimmer of political awareness at all you put that alongside your Dean 2004 “Sleepless Summer Tour” (and I was wearing mine just yesterday) and sighed “Well not this year, unless the Contradictions Heighten Themselves”.

Then this happened. Trump at 41%. Challenged FROM THE RIGHT! With Cruz at 20% or so. You don’t know what to say. It is like Jeremy Corbyn woke up some morning and found that the Conservatives had been taken over by the Official Monster Raving Loony Party being challenged by UKIP

Surely the 1% would not let this happen. Or their paymasters the 0.1%. Even a libtard like me had to put aside the warm glow and mild comfort of the Bernie Bern. Because THAT wasn’t going to happen! You could ask Joke Line or any other Village Idiot Pundit in good standing, the R Establishment would not and could not allow the choice to be between Trump and Cruz. After all memories of the Other Barry in 1964 hadn’t died.

Unless they did. I would still bet big money on Hillary pulling out both the nomination and the election. But it is no longer crazy to think a head on head contest between Trump and Sanders. And what might be the totally unpredictable results of that. All I can say is that if you had a bet on this with British bookie Ladbrokes then God Bless.

And if like most of the world are asking “What the bleedin’ hell was THAT about!?” Treat this as an Open Thread for all things political and not.