Notes on South and North Carolina Politics and Zeta

Been chatting (email) with a friend based in North Carolina. I thought I would share the comments at AB.


I had to spend a good deal of time cleaning up after the remnants of Zeta. We got 5 inches of rain and 45 mph winds. I managed to get leaves out of the ditches and culverts before the storm so what came down didn’t do too much damage to the road. I had it cleaned up the next day. Our local power company is Western Carolina University – an odd leftover from 50 years ago. My neighbor heads up the maintenance and line crews so if there are trees down along our creek I’ll bring my tractor down and help them out. It made for a couple of long days but I got some good firewood out of the deal. It also took my mind off the election.

It looks like NC is going to Biden. We have a Democratic governor so shenanigans may be at a minimum but we have places like Alamance County where the local sheriff managed to make an ass out of himself and his department today. (North Carolina Senatorial Candidate) Cunningham looks like he’ll hold on after the disclosure of his extra-marital affair. No one likes Tillis, his own caucus hated him when he was in the legislature.

South Carolina may surprise some people. The area around Charleston has turned quite Blue over the last few years with a tech boom. Columbia is also shifting. (Jamie) Harrison has given Graham a run for his money. He’ll run at least three or four points behind Trump which may be just enough to get Harrison in.

It looks like the Republican appointed judiciary is all in on screwing things up. The most recent lawsuit in Travis County is an absolute joke yet a Federal District court is going to hear it (Jennifer Fleck lost the July runoff in District 47 to Justin Berry by more than a thousand votes). But Fleck claims the election results in Travis County are not reliable.. The 5th Circuit has become a mini-version of the John Birch society

Overall opinion; I am cautiously optimistic but the Republicans have demonstrated a willingness to shamelessly cheat. I suspect a free and fair election would be an absolute blowout but this one is going to be tighter than it should.


Hopefully, he is wrong with his prediction and this is an overall blowout of what is so obviously wrong with the nation.