Is the Overton Window Wide Enough for the Insane Clown Posse to Deliver Us Unto Bernie?

And they say only Sarah can toss word salad? Au contraire mes freres! Et Souers! Et comarades!

Six months ago only morons believed the ‘morans’ would put this country in a position where there was even a tiny crack for a ‘democratic socialist’ or even a full out ‘social democrat’ to squeeze through a window of acceptable discourse into the White House. Maybe YOU “Felt the Bern!” but if you had a glimmer of political awareness at all you put that alongside your Dean 2004 “Sleepless Summer Tour” (and I was wearing mine just yesterday) and sighed “Well not this year, unless the Contradictions Heighten Themselves”.

Then this happened. Trump at 41%. Challenged FROM THE RIGHT! With Cruz at 20% or so. You don’t know what to say. It is like Jeremy Corbyn woke up some morning and found that the Conservatives had been taken over by the Official Monster Raving Loony Party being challenged by UKIP

Surely the 1% would not let this happen. Or their paymasters the 0.1%. Even a libtard like me had to put aside the warm glow and mild comfort of the Bernie Bern. Because THAT wasn’t going to happen! You could ask Joke Line or any other Village Idiot Pundit in good standing, the R Establishment would not and could not allow the choice to be between Trump and Cruz. After all memories of the Other Barry in 1964 hadn’t died.

Unless they did. I would still bet big money on Hillary pulling out both the nomination and the election. But it is no longer crazy to think a head on head contest between Trump and Sanders. And what might be the totally unpredictable results of that. All I can say is that if you had a bet on this with British bookie Ladbrokes then God Bless.

And if like most of the world are asking “What the bleedin’ hell was THAT about!?” Treat this as an Open Thread for all things political and not.