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City mouse, country mouse

Over at, Kevin Drum takes on Paul Krugman over his assertion that small-town America is aggrieved because the working-age men are more likely to be unemployed than their metropolitan counterparts. As usual, Kevin brings the charts and numbers to show that while Krugman isn’t wrong, the differences are small and don’t explain “white rural […]

Trump administration’s Impact on the ACA and the marketplace: (Part 1)

The Trump administration and the ACA marketplace: An assessment (Part 1), xpostfactoid, Andrew Sprung. In the wake of Trump’s vow to repeal the ACA if elected, Larry Levitt, EVP of health policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, outlines the former president’s past and purported future healthcare agenda. Trump certainly meant harm to the ACA. His comments […]

Clueless in Gaza II

“U.S. officials say they believe Hamas has been constrained by the Israeli operations, but that Israel will not be able to achieve, in the foreseeable future, its goal of eliminating the group’s military capability.” also “An Israeli military intelligence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity under military protocol, said that Israel was engaged in […]

The Facts Don’t Care About Your Honor’s Feelings

His honor assumes a fact not in evidence. Ruth Marcus has an important op-ed which cites strong evidence that the party of the president who nominated federal judges helps one predict their opinions. I will fair use the important part. “Now comes an intriguing study by a Harvard Law School professor that buttresses my point: If anything, […]

Rally to restore public comments at meetings of USPS Board of Governors

Apparently, US PMG Louis DeJoy is taking a lot of heat about the continuing failure of the post office in reaching his detailed goals. Having not evolved from the Post Office, Louis is having a tough time implementing processes and procedures that may have worked to some extent in the public sector. Except the USPO […]

Biden’s high-tech problem in Michigan

Hemlock Semiconductor continues as an independently run entity with two shareholders: Corning Inc. owns 80.5%, and Shin-Etsu Chemical owns 19.5%. Hemlock specializing in specialty glass, ceramics, and related materials and technologies used in semiconductors. Biden has a high-tech problem in Michigan, Christine Mui, Politico, 02/20/2024 Some Information Corning Incorporated is an American multinational technology company specializing in specialty glass,  ceramics, and […]

Perceptions of inflation vs. wage growth: why the divergence?

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2024 Perceptions of inflation vs. wage growth: why the divergence?  – by New Deal democrat My recent travels included visits to cousins and their children on both sides of my family. Without any prompting from me, inevitably the table talk turned to the state of the economy. Rather than Bigfoot the opinions […]