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Expanding Medicaid to people in prison

XCons have a tough enough time adjusting to the outside without being denied access to healthcare. It is an adjustment period, they have little power, and they are taken advantage of once released from prison. Denial of healthcare is just another issue on top of all the other issues they face when getting back into […]

Public charging stations at Canada’s Post offices. Why can’t it happen here?

Steve Hutkins discussing EVs and the charging stations. This was one of the arguments leading up to the US Post Offices having EV postal delivery vehicles. If Canada can do it, why not the US. It is a bit more as the Canadian Postal workers unio are talking about the public using their charging stations, […]

FTC and Congress Put PBMs on Notice

FTC and Congress Put PBMs on Notice – AAF ( The conclusion of the Congressional Plan Much of this post in a copy and past. However, the conclusion is mostly mine. I am starting out with the conclusions and actions of Congress to which the author claims could result in fewer PBMs and increasing prices. […]

What percent of our Atmosphere is CO2?

“Congressman proves global warming scare is just silly.” Commentary by Dale Coberly.  [from Forbes Breaking News] House Transportation Committee Holds Hearings On Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act … which Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) gives master class in lying without telling a single lie . . . all in a calm and reasonable voice  He asks […]

The 90/10 rule of motivations

The 90/10 rule of motivations by David Zetland Since 2009, I have talked about a 20/80 rule of motivations, e.g., “My rule of thumb is that about 20 percent of people conserve [water] because it’s the right thing to do, and 80 percent conserve because it’s expensive NOT to [because prices are high].” My point is that […]

The Economic Cost of Gun Violence

Since I pulled this article from Everytown, here is a bit of information about it. “We are the largest gun violence prevention organization in America. Made up of more than six million mayors, moms, teachers, survivors, gun owners, students, and everyday Americans who have come together to make their communities safer.” I am guessing there is […]

Gun Violence vs Democracy

And Costs. Angry Bear is an economics blog. Sometimes, I wonder as I take on many topics not including an economic cost. Gun Violence does have an economic cost to it which impacts our economy. We just have not talked about it. The average annual cost for overall gun violence in the United States is $1,698 for […]

‘Glorified debt collectors with the power to upend your life’

This You Tube clip is about 25 minutes long which is an awfully long time for blog-readers to sit still and listen to someone talk. Yes, yes I know. I am not the most exciting writer out here either. I am sure I have caused a yawn or two and perhaps put some to sleep. […]

Two “fundamental” indicators for the American middle/working class and the economy

Two “fundamental” indicators for the American middle/working class and the economy  – by New Deal democrat This week is a little light on data, except for housing permits and starts (Tuesday) and existing home sales (Thursday), so let me catch up on a few other indicators. In particular, two of my favorite indicators are based […]