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Advocating the revaluation of values so socially available free time would become the measure of value

Tom Walker or Sandwichman (many of us know him as) has a series of articles I am going to post to Angry Bear. Tom spends much of his time discussing Labor and its value to capital or what I would call manufacturing. Without Labor input there would be no value. Leisure to Attend to Our […]

“We must not let our Rulers load us with perpetual debt”

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to “Henry Tompkinson” (Samuel Kercheval) “I am not among those who fear the people. they and not the rich, are our dependance for continued freedom. and to preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt . . . if we run into such debts as that we […]

Trump met with a New York City probation officer

As the title says Trump met with a Court Probation Officer. A first for a president. The Probation Officer will assess him for resources, mental health, and criminal record. Trump’s attitude will play a part in this also. Hopefully. his attorney advises him to shut up. Which if he is smart, he will take the […]

Alexander Vindman: America’s Laocoön?

In her book “The March of Folly,” Barbara Tuchman uses the myth of Laocoön as her first example of folly. The Trojans ignored Laocoön’s warning not to admit the Trojan horse. That didn’t end well for the Trojans. Ignoring Laocoön was folly. In his recent substack essay, The Coming Alliance Between Billionaires, Tech Giants, and […]

Immigration or invasion?

Russ Vought is a Trump loyalist who believes we live in a “post-Constitutional” nation: ““We are living in a post-Constitutional time,” Vought wrote in a seminal 2022 essay, which argued that the left has corrupted the nation’s laws and institutions. Last week, after a jury convicted Trump of falsifying business records, Vought tweeted: “Do not […]

The good old days

When I started attending departmental faculty meetings in 1987, there was an emeritus faculty, Harold Katzman, who went to most of the meetings. He rarely said anything, but he did make the effort to show up, perhaps out of personal loyalty. Dr. Katzman was the first graduate student of our department’s founding chair, Dr. Edward […]

“I’ve shown you who I am and Trump has shown you who he is

And today, Donald Trump is pandering and peddling lies and stereotypes for your votes so he can win for himself, not for you.” No truer words can be spoken. Prof. Heather has an excellent take and explanation of the current situation. Reality verses the lies of trump. May 29, 2024 by Heather Cox Richardson Letters […]