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Last Week in the Inland Empire …

by Ten Bears Homeless on the High Desert Mormon Militia Moves To Take Over Central, Eastern Oregon Government Note that the link is to an article in The Guardian, a British publication that is to my observation the straightest, least bias / most honest reporting today. Bear in mind as you read these happenings out on […]

Another Wildly Stupid Idea, Skip the Measles Vaccination

It is hard to believe that people would risk their lives or their children’s lives by not getting the measles vaccine. It was bad when we were growing up in the fifties. I am sure Joel can add to this information. A worldwide crisis only because we let it become one through ignorance. Measles Is […]

Three Different Posts on Healthcare

This morning starting at 7AM and 30 minutes apart. I ran across all two healthcare commentaries on MedPage and one on Florida Politics. No mistake on three healthcare posts posted in a row. Purposeful. Short commentaries. Good Reads. Discussion provoking.

How Famine and Starvation Could Affect Gaza for Generations to Come

How Famine and Starvation Could Affect Gazans for Generations to Come by Neroli Price, Salman Ahad Khan and Gabrielle Berbey Reveal News Research on World War II’s Dutch “Hunger Winter” has terrifying implications for Gaza’s malnourished children – and then for their children. Famine is already happening in parts of Gaza, a top U.S. humanitarian […]

They are Anti-War, Stupid

Reuters says the students are protesting the war in Palestine.  The students say that they are protesting the war — the killing of innocents.  Still and yet, the U.S. media doesn’t get it — says that the protesters are pro-Palestian, or anti-Semitic.  Seems it is about the narrative. To be clear. Netanyahu and ultra-orthodox Jews […]

A Bit of History by a Friend from Slate’s “The Fray”

Queen Claude and Anne Boleyn by Claude Scales self absorbed boomer In my post about the global art market I noted that my given name, Claude, is gender neutral in French. Today, thanks to Tina Brown’s review of Hunting the Falcon: Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and the Marriage that Shook Europe, by John Guy and Julia Fox, I know there was a Queen Claude […]

Microsoft is investing $3.3 billion dollars to build a new data center in Racine Wisconsin

by Prof. Heather Cox-Richardson Letters from an American Pres. Joe Biden, Dem Governor Tony Evers, and Microsoft are bailing out Wisconsin from trump’s “eighth wonder of the world” lie in Racine WI with Taiwan’s Foxconn. When this was occurring, Repub. Gov. Scott Walker with Repub legislators committed to a $3.3 billion subsidy and tax incentive […]

Promoting the General Welfare, The Supreme Court’s Version of Doing So

I believe Angry Bear can present this excellent article on how the Supreme Court is evolving its interpretation of the Public Health. I am using it as informational and instructional to Angry Bear readers. A brief analysis of the SCOTUS philosophy on Public Health and their impact on the government and its legislation. It is […]

Ukraine, Israel, and Biden:  lessons and questions

Some thoughts on recent developments . . . Elite persuasion and its limits News reports suggest that President Biden got Speaker Mike Johnson to put a Ukraine aid bill on the floor of the House through good, old-fashioned persuasion:  Biden and his team convinced Johnson it was the right thing to do by sharing intelligence […]

Coronavirus dashboard, 4 years into the pandemic: all-time low in hospitalizations, deaths likely to follow

 – by New Deal democrat The Bonddad Blog On Friday the CDC updated its COVID death statistics through March 31, which means that we now have 4 full years of data. It also updated its hospitalization data through April 20, and to cut to the chase, last week saw a record low hospitalizations for COVID […]