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Ancient lone elm the Last Ent is ‘guardian’ to new trees

BBC and unknown author This kind of kool and interesting. An ancient lone wych elm whose remote Highland location has protected it from Dutch elm disease has been joined by dozens of seedlings for the first time in hundreds of years. The elm – dubbed the Last Ent of Glen Affric – was Scotland’s Tree […]

A Confederate Officer Recounts the Virginia Slavery Debate of 1831–1832

by Ron Coddington Life on the Civil War Research Trail A presentation requested by Dale Coberly about what could have happened if Virginia had followed suit in freeing the slaves pre-Civil War. A Slavery debate in the 1830s. ~~~~~~~~ In his 1910 memoirs, Randolph Harrison McKim, a Confederate officer who served on the staffs of […]

Michigan Activist John Sinclair Dies at 82

by Christina Clark Iconic Detroit writer and activist John Sinclair died on Tuesday morning at the age of 82 after spending two weeks at DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital for declining health. His cause of death was congestive heart failure, his publicist told the Detroit News.  An advocate for his art, Sinclair served as the manager for […]

Right-wing attempts to impose Christian nationalism on the United States

History and some excellent up-to-date reporting by Prof. Heather cox Richardson I am sharing here as I subscribe to her Letters from an American. She explains the efforts of a few, a minority of political actors who are attempting to sway the opinions of Americans with their stilted dialogue promoting right-wing beliefs. It should be […]

Manufacturing and construction vs. the still-inverted yield curve

 – by New Deal democrat at the Bonddad Blog Prof. Menzie Chinn at Econbrowser makes the point that the yield curve is still inverted, and has not yet eclipsed the longest previous time between onset of such an inversion and a recession. So he believes the threat of recession is still on the table. And […]

Yesterday, Robert Hur Testified to the House Judiciary Committee

For once and rather than say, Dems blew it again with Republicans; Dems demonstrated they can be crafty too! House Democrats and Joe Biden turned the tables on Republicans and Robert Hur. Professor Heather writes Letters from an American and gives us the rundown on what took place. New York Times, Washington Post, live news […]

Labour power as a common-pool resource

Labour power as a common-pool resource: in memory of Paul Burkett Human mental and physical capacities to work have elastic but definite natural limits. Those capacities must be continuously restored and enhanced through nourishment, rest, and social interaction. Over the longer term that capacity for labour also has to be replenished by a new generation […]

Representative DeFazio taking on Boeing

 Taking on Boeing, A senior manager for Boeing’s 737 MAX program testimony about Boeing manufacturing issues and its supply chain. The fatal MAX 8 crashes occurred in 2018 and 2019. He decided to speak up publicly and was then called to testify before Congress on the problems he says he saw up close. The story […]