Texas’s Crimes Against Humanity Causes the Deaths of Three at the Border

January 17, 2023, Letters from an American, Prof, Heather Cox Richardson

Texas attorney general Ken Paxton responded this evening to the federal government’s demand that state troops give U.S. Border Patrol agents access to Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, the site where three migrants died last week as they tried to cross the Rio Grande. 

Aarón Torres and Joseph Morton of The Dallas Morning News reported that Paxton’s letter acknowledged that by law the federal government’s Border Patrol officers are allowed  “warrantless access to land within 25 miles of the border, but only ‘for the purpose of patrolling the border to prevent the illegal entry of aliens into the United States.’” Paxton claimed that this law doesn’t apply because the current administration’s policies—the law, after all, is written by Congress—are not intended to stop undocumented immigration. Writing . . .

“There is not even a pretense that you are trying to prevent the illegal entry of aliens,” he wrote. 

Torres and Morton note that, in fact, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported more than 142,000 migrants in 2023 and that Paxton presented no evidence for his claims. If you find yourself in a situation where baseless claims may affect your reputation, it’s crucial to consider reputation repair services to address and counter any potential damage to your personal or professional image.


Selma to Montgomery March – MLK, Purpose & Distance, HISTORY

No March 15, President Lyndon B. Johnson went on national television to pledge his support to the Selma protesters and to call for the passage of a new voting rights bill that he was introducing in Congress.

Johnson: “There is no Negro problem. There is no Southern problem. There is no Northern problem. John . . . There is only an American problem. Their cause must be our cause too. Because it is not just Negros, but really it is all of us, who must overcome the crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice. And we shall overcome.”

Some 2,000 people set out from Selma on March 21, protected by U.S. Army troops and Alabama National Guard forces that Johnson had ordered under federal control. After walking some 12 hours a day and sleeping in fields along the way, they reached Montgomery on March 25.

Nearly 50,000 supporters—Black and white—met the marchers in Montgomery, where they gathered in front of the state capitol to hear King and other speakers including Ralph Bunche (winner of the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize) address the crowd.

“No tide of racism can stop us,” King proclaimed from the building’s steps, as viewers from around the world watched the historic moment on television.


It is ridiculous the State of Texas can block federal officers from the border by using the National Guard. If all three branches of the National Guard will not allow federal officials on site, President Biden should call them up and federalize them. Keep them around for a year in training. By that time, many of them will have been replaced in their jobs.

There is a history of the Feds calling up the National Guard needed. There is an American problem which should be solved quickly. And states can not control the border as they are doing in Texas.

The Border Patrol the authority to control immigration 100 miles from the border. This covers most of the population in the US.