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Another Argument Favoring an Electric Vehicle Over a Gasoline Vehicle

It is difficult to argue against an electric vehicle when the efficiency is far greater. The only argument one could make presently is the sunk cost of your scrapping out your gasoline powered vehicle. There is no gain there and also no penalty if you keep it. The penalty of keeping it will come eventually. […]

When it comes to the environment, there really is no such thing as a “good” car.

A guide to electric car misinformation (part 2) by Emily Atkin HEATED Contrasting EVs to gas powered vehicles. And will EVs be as bad or worst than gasoline powered vehicles. And some promoters of EVs go in the opposite direction over promoting EVs or what the article calls green washing EVS. Emily Atkin at HEATED […]

The Increasing Firearms-Related Deaths among U.S. Black Rural Youths

There is a far greater detailed article at the New England Journal of Medicine. Angry Bear did not have the space to rightfully do the article justice. Instead, we concentrated on the letter to the editor written April 19, 2024. The article was published on May 30, 2024. Just the brief letter to the editor […]

Student Loan Crisis Would Likely Worsen Under a Second Trump Administration

I have written about student loans or have added articles about student loans to Angry Bear here, here, here, here, etc, etc, etc. I go back years on the topic as well as Alan Collinge of Student Loan Justice does. Politicians resist loan forgiveness claiming students are taking advantage of the system. It is a […]

Manufacturing in China? The true cost may surprise you

by Nick Dewhurst Plastics Today AB: This is along the lines of what I used to do when I was working in supply chain and manufacturing. Typically, companies would hire me to adjust or fix the supply chain and I would end going much further than just supply chain. If you understand the process and […]