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The 90/10 rule of motivations

The 90/10 rule of motivations by David Zetland Since 2009, I have talked about a 20/80 rule of motivations, e.g., “My rule of thumb is that about 20 percent of people conserve [water] because it’s the right thing to do, and 80 percent conserve because it’s expensive NOT to [because prices are high].” My point is that […]

The Economic Cost of Gun Violence

Since I pulled this article from Everytown, here is a bit of information about it. “We are the largest gun violence prevention organization in America. Made up of more than six million mayors, moms, teachers, survivors, gun owners, students, and everyday Americans who have come together to make their communities safer.” I am guessing there is […]


Back before, municipal and state governments, pension funds, etc. mostly invested in financials of the manufacturing sort. Then, America was in the manufacturing business. An issuing manufacturer was contractually bound to hand over the return owed. The investors were entitled. If they didn’t get their entitle, it was, ‘”see you in court.” In 2023, in […]

April 14, 2023, Letters from an American . . . the Fentanyl Epidemic

The last few days, I have been pointing to the Opioid epidemic which did not just start with Fentanyl. It has been ongoing before the introduction of Qxycontin by the Sadler’s Purdue Pharmaceuticals. In 1996. It was advertised by Purdue as a nonaddictive drug by misquoting Doctors Jane Porter and Herschel Jick’s letter to NEJM […]

Researchers reveal U’s painful past with Minnesota’s Indigenous people

The civilized American peoples were here long before the colonists arrived from other countries. This is the story of some discovering their past in what was called America after the arrival of the new people. Researchers reveal U’s painful past with Minnesota’s Indigenous people, MPR News, Dan Kraker and Melissa Olson. A massive new report […]

March employment report 2: unemployment recession indicators

Scenes from the March employment report 2: unemployment recession indicators  – by New Deal democrat A reminder: I may be offline for the next couple of days. In the meantime, yesterday I looked at the 5 leading indicators contained in the employment report, and summarized how they either signal recession now or within the next […]

Trusting statistics

I had a Facebook discussion yesterday about statistics. At one point, my interlocutor posted “You should know better than anyone that statistics can be manipulated to actually show the opposite of what is real.” Well, just to be clear, that’s not a problem with statistics, that’s a problem of motivated reasoning, which is not a […]

Will Dean Baker’s Quiver Full of Solutions Stabilize Social Security?

Dean is on a roll here with propositions for the nation as it ages. Thoughtfully, I called it initially a Quiver of Arrows in Support of the economy and in the end Social Security. He is answering a question of what do we need to do to prepare for an aging population and lower replacement […]

Door Wide Open for Republicans on Student Loans

Door Wide Open for Republicans on Student Loans, Alan Collinge, Student Loan Justice, Medium. Angry Bear has featured Alan and Student Loan Justice Org. well over a decade now. In the manner they are written, these loans by the Federal Government and maintained by private enterprises are akin to loans made by a hypothetical student […]