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Wednesday reports released

The NYT reports on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. “The Republican members of the commission appointed by Congress to investigate the causes of the financial crisis plan to release on Wednesday a document that assigns government housing policies substantial blame for the origins of the 2008 financial crisis. “ Update from MG: Here is the […]

Rare earths and trade

A battle to keep using rare earths on our terms by Tim Worstall in The Register points to a facet of trade policy that would seem to demand some government action…I fail to see why trans-national companies would feel a need to act at least currently to implement more modern technology (or search for an […]

Rare earth supply and trade implications

Dan here…Lifted with permission from an e-mail from Tim Worstall, an expert in rare earth issues and resources, in response to my sending him the NYT article suggesting China was using rare earth resources as both a trade issue (notice NYT suggestion the pass on processed product versus raw material export)) and political leverage with […]