Rare earths and trade

A battle to keep using rare earths on our terms
by Tim Worstall in The Register points to a facet of trade policy that would seem to demand some government action…I fail to see why trans-national companies would feel a need to act at least currently to implement more modern technology (or search for an unproven alternative). I can’t speak to the efficacy of his suggestions.

Note that I’m not saying that all of this is easy, that we can just fall off a log and it’ll be all right. I’m only saying that China really doesn’t have a long-term lock on RE supplies. The seeds of how we get out of this half nelson are already there, ready to be nurtured. We can and will deal with competition and industrial dominance from a low-wage/high-pollution country or company by doing what all of you people around here do. We can use brains rather than brawn to design better, more mechanised, ways of ensuring our supply of what we need to keep industry on its feet.