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Poor Healthcare Outcomes Resulting from Discrimination

Introduction to a Real World Issue: Taken from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Health (NIAID) headed by Dr. Anthony S. Fauci. Health disparities are gaps in the quality of health and health care mirroring differences in socioeconomic status, racial and ethnic background, and education level. These disparities may stem from many factors, […]

Have new home sales made a bottom?

Have new home sales made a bottom?  – by New Deal democrat Hopefully you are recovering from your turkey coma today. Here’s a little late commentary on Wednesday’s new home sales report. New home sales are noisy, and heavily revised, which is why I prefer housing permits, and especially single family housing permits, as a […]

Student Loan Debt Relief Repayment Paused

“Student loan repayment pause extended while waiting for debt relief,” (, Ananya Bhattacharya Student loan repayments were set to restart in the new year of 2023 if not forgiven. Another six more months breathing room has been granted before those repayments start again. The US Department of Education (DoE) announced the extension on November 22. The original moratorium […]

The Audition Commodity

The Audition Commodity Richard Serra and Carlotta Fay Schoolman produced the video, “Television Delivers People” in 1973. It manifests a critique of television mass media that was subsequently defined by communications scholar, Dallas Smythe as the “audience commodity” but the outline of which had already been presented by him in 1951 in the Quarterly of Film, […]

Supply Chain pressures have eased

October producer prices: more evidence that supply chain pressures have eased  – by New Deal democrat Let me start this discussion of October’s producer price index by pointing to the NY Fed’s “Global Supply Chain Pressure Index” for the past 5 years through October: Before Trump’s tariff’s in 2018, most often this index was slightly […]

Letters from an American – November 9, 2022

“November 9, 2022,” Letters from an American, Prof. Heather Cox Richardson, ( Yesterday was a good day for democracy. Americans turned out to defend our principles from those who denied our right to choose our own leaders. There was little violence, the election appears to have gone smoothly, and there are few claims of “fraud.” […]