Governor Katie Hobbs Announces $500K in FAFSA Initiatives to Assist Arizona Families Afford College

According to The Hill the New FAFSA forms were supposed to be easier and shorter. Shorter yes, nut not so easy. There is a list of 2024-24 FAFSA issues which are confounding parents and students attempting to complete the FAFSA so as to be eligible for student aid. FAFSA forms were changed in 2023 and were supposed to be available in October 2023. Availability was delayed till December 2023. When finally released there were complications with the forms being taken down and applicants and parents being unable to fix errors.

The new forms may be shorter and better for students and parents but the difficulties encountered are causing both to worry. The one saving grace in Arizona being Governor Hobbs setting aside funds to assist in filling out FAFSA forms.

News Release, Office of the AZ Governor, April 17, 2024

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Katie Hobbs announced a $500,000 investment to tackle the decline in FAFSA submissions in Arizona. This year, a new FAFSA form was launched to simplify the process, however, there have been delays and data issues that have resulted in fewer students completing the FAFSA this year as compared to 2023. As a result, Arizona currently ranks 49th in the nation when it comes to FAFSA completion. Governor Hobbs has prioritized expanding access to education at all levels and will work to ensure every Arizonan has access to the education they need to thrive.

“As someone who participated in a work-study program and was awarded scholarships to help me get through college, I cannot overestimate how important it is to take advantage of all the resources available to attain a higher education,” said Governor Katie Hobbs. 

“FAFSA has helped millions of families, and for many can be the final piece that makes their child’s dream of attending college a reality. I strongly encourage every Arizona family who has a graduating high school senior to submit their FAFSA this month.”

Earlier this month, Governor Hobbs proclaimed April as “Finish Line to the FAFSA” month and sent a letter to all school leaders, school counselors, college access organizations, and community partners to ask for their collaboration to help high school seniors complete the FAFSA. 

“I’m very grateful for the work that Arizona’s school counselors, principles, partners, colleges, and universities are doing to increase FAFSA submissions,” said Governor Katie Hobbs. “It will take all of us working together to help more students complete their FAFSA and unlock the financial aid that will make their postsecondary education more affordable.”

The $500,000 from Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) federal funding will be used to (1) increase statewide resources to support students and families, (2) increase FAFSA completion events held across the state, and (3) support statewide initiatives, with the goal of increasing FAFSA submissions and enhancing resources now and during the summer months. The funding will be distributed by the Arizona Board of Regents.

April 17, 2024 Statement from the Arizona Board of Regents

Chair Cecilia Mata on Governor Katie Hobbs’ $500,000 investment in FAFSA initiatives in Arizona. The funding will be distributed by the Arizona Board of Regents.

“On behalf of the Arizona Board of Regents, I would like to express our gratitude to Governor Hobbs for the funding allocated to bolster Arizona’s FAFSA completion efforts. This generous grant will enhance the ongoing efforts of college access organizations, community partners and schools throughout the state, ensuring that Arizona students and their families receive the necessary support to navigate this crucial form. As a state, we must make every effort to support our students as they navigate the FAFSA and embark on their educational journey.

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