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Burning stuff is depriving us of years of healthy living

This piece by Lloyd Alter is about household indoor air contaminants. The reasoning for this is . . . Homes are far tighter than what they used to be by design. There is much less of an outside air exchange today. Unless, the home design allows it to breath. We are seeing a higher level […]

China Manufacturing and Its Potential Costs

This article is kinda long and also along the lines of what I have done since the mid-seventies. I consulted in throughput for a while. Did not much like it as compared to actually doing it. It is a good piece though. This report is twenty years old and things have changed in China. Modernization […]

For MLK Day: Blacks are faring better during the post-pandemic Boom than at almost any time in the previous 50+ years

For MLK Day: Blacks are faring better during the post-pandemic Boom than at almost any time in the previous 50+ years  – by New Deal democrat On this MLK Jr. national holiday, let’s take a look at how Blacks are faring in the current economy. And the answer is, pretty good! The unemployment rate for Blacks […]

Mississippi lacks resources, says no to a federally funded child food program

Some morning economics in the states trying to rein in costs. Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves takes on a cut back on food for kids by not accepting a fully funded program. Tate looks like he could spare a few pounds except . . . Republican Governor Tate Reeves is declining to participate in the federal […]

Academics and freedom of speech

“Academics and freedom of speech,” The one-handed economist, David Zetland The First Amendment of the US constitution reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the […]

The Big Crunch

Our current economic model, premised on profits and returns, consumption, and growth — on greed, has proven to be problematic for the environment, society, and governance.*   Over time, humans have inflicted grave damage to the land, forests, rivers, streams, and atmosphere. Some of this was in the interest of survival. A lot more was done […]

Prospect of a Biden-Trump rematch shows how far U.S. democracy has fallen –

and we have no one to blame but ourselves. J. P. Jefferson suggested this opinion piece on December 19, 2023. I just ran across J. P. Jefferson’s recommendation again or for the first time, sigh. I just do not remember. I was able to sign into this WSJ Kevin Williamson piece due to my having […]

Economic Origin Stories and the State of the World

Asymptosis » Economic Origin Stories and the State of the World, Steve Roth. Origin stories and creation myths pack a pretty hefty weight of import in human understandings of the world. Examples are too numerous to mention. What I’ve noticed in the field of economics is such origin stories are often taken (mistakenly) to fully […]