NBC fires Ronna McDaniel, former RNC chair.

Gee, whata surprise. Did this even make sense in the beginning? NBC empties the trash can before it starts to smell.

Robert Reich:

Ronna McDaniel’s tenure at NBC lasted four days. It ended last night, after network anchors and reporters blasted NBC’s decision to hire her last Friday. They argued that hiring her gave a green light for election deniers to spread lies as paid contributors. The New York Times said the episode underscored the challenge to news organizations “of fairly representing … pro-Trump viewpoints in their coverage.”

But can there be any “fair” representation of pro-Trump Republican viewpoints when those viewpoints center on a big lie about the 2020 election? More broadly, can a party that baselessly denies the outcome of an election have any legitimate future?

Office Hours: NBC fires Ronna McDaniel, former RNC chair. Does the Republican Party have a future?”