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Is Putin waiting for Trump?

So suggests Noah Smith: My view is that Putin is banking on congressional Republicans.  At this point is seems clear that the Ukrainian army is better than the Russian army (more motivated, better trained and led) and that NATO weapons are better than Russian weapons.  If the current coalition in support of Ukraine holds together, […]

The fog of war and international relations in Ukraine

Understanding the situation in Ukraine and how it will likely evolve in the future is impossible for me, partly due the inherent complexity and unpredictability of war and international relations, and partly because the main players have such strong incentives to strategically misrepresent their actions and intentions.  Are the Ukrainians really getting killed by Russian […]

Vaccines?  Focused protection?  Not if you ask the fine libertarians at the Brownstone Institute.

Pre-COVID, who would have thought that a significant part of the libertarian thought collective would go anti-vax?  Not me.  But I stand corrected.  From a recent blog post at the illustrious Brownstone Institute: The people whose directives you are following talk a lot about “pseudoscience,” always accusing those of us who disagree with their directives […]

On student loans, why not challenge Repubicans?

The WSJ reports that President Biden is delaying his decision on student loan forgiveness: President Biden is likely to decide later this summer whether to partially forgive student-loan debt for millions of borrowers, according to administration officials and others familiar with the matter, after the president said more than a month ago that he would weigh in on […]

Parts of the Democratic left are threatening to burn down the house because they don’t get to sleep in the master bedroom

They should reconsider. In my prior post, I noted that some progressives seem to be blaming their fellow Democrats for not doing more to protect abortion rights.  This “blame the Democrats” strategy may generate clicks, but it’s hard to see what else it will accomplish, other than demotivating Democratic voters. Unfortunately, the “blame the Democrats” […]