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Do investors really not get it regarding US paying it’s debt?

A question has been nagging me. First, does the rest of the world not get that the republicans are playing a game with the US’ bank account? Does anyone really believe that the US won’t pay as in the renter just skipped out the back door? Or maybe I should say; as in the capital […]

The "Fiscal Cliff" and the Coming Retirement Crisis of the Middle Class

On January 1, Congress approved a tax and spending bill to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff” combination of tax hikes and spending cuts that would have created deflationary pressure on the United States (though Yglesias questioned the conventional wisdom of whether it would necessarily cause a recession). Let’s take a look at the deal in […]

What? Romney’s Forgotten the Message That Wisconsin Voters Demand More Teacher Layoffs? So Soon?

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Friday said that President Barack Obama’s call to hire more police, firefighters and teachers proved that he didn’t “get the message” from Republican wins in the recent Wisconsin recall elections. During a press conference earlier on Friday, Obama had called on Congress to pass a jobs proposal that would prevent layoffs and […]

Romney says he likes straight talk. Just not from him.

Washington may not like straight talk, but I do. — Mitt Romney, yesterday Sooo, Governor, about those massive tax cuts for the wealthy ….  You know, including the elimination of all incomes taxes on capital gains and stock dividends, which your running mate’s budget proposal includes?  How, exactly, do you plan to balance the budget […]

Screw Austerity, I have a new theme song

by Daniel Becker Being that we’re about to experience austerity because we are convinced we can’t spend money properly such that we actually end up with more after rather than less …  which is very depressing to me and defeatist in presentation, I present my new theme song:  That’s how it goes. I just find […]

Being Early to the Party: Bad for Links, But Good for Information

Yahoo! News, Tuesday early afternoon Dr. Black, Wednesday, just before noon. Brad DeLong, about fifteen minutes after Dr. Black Me, Monday morning. But this isn’t a “First Mover” claim. It’s a note that there are no “savings” in getting rid of the website. There aren’t even the “registration fee” that applies to private enterprises. Commenter […]

Joseph Stiglitz: Of the 1% by the 1% for the 1%

by Daniel Becker This is an interview of Joseph Stiglitz on Democracy Now regarding his article in the current Vanity Fair.  He discuss the issue of income inequality, taxes, etc and how it has set us up to be less of a land of oportunity than what old Europe was. A few quotes: The question […]

It used to be "slightly left of center". The budget, taxes, economy from that other side.

By: Daniel BeckerHT: Digby More people need to hear this perspective regarding the economy and the budget debate if only to remind them that there is another perspective…if only to hear what it sounds like when a congress person is actually fighting and working for you. You, the one without enough money to influence congress. […]

The Republicans have a savings plan. Gut the Nation’s Personality

by: Daniel Becker Well, the repubs finally have put up.  They have a $2.5 trillion, ten year savings plan.  No, don’t worry.  You will be kept safe as all national security is untouched.  However, you can expect to wake up the next day from passage in a nation with an completely different personality.  As in […]

Reading List for the Serious Student of Social Security

by Bruce Webb Want to make the move from wanking to wonking on Social Security finance and policy? Consider the following list. First read an Annual Report, you don’t need to understand every number but you do need some grounding in the terms and concepts. 2010 Trustees Report Then fill out your knowledge with this […]