Being Early to the Party: Bad for Links, But Good for Information

Yahoo! News, Tuesday early afternoon

Dr. Black, Wednesday, just before noon.

Brad DeLong, about fifteen minutes after Dr. Black

Me, Monday morning.

But this isn’t a “First Mover” claim. It’s a note that there are no “savings” in getting rid of the website. There aren’t even the “registration fee” that applies to private enterprises. Commenter Bryan at Skippy notes:

The Federal government is the registrar for the .gov TLD [Top Level Domain], so the only cost is storage and bandwidth on government servers.

The cost of locating and removing a site is probably the equivalent of 20 years of ignoring it.

So not only is “the Sheriff” going after chump change, the actions aren’t even going to save any money.

The difference between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan appears to be that one isn’t even talking about real money.