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The Republicans have a savings plan. Gut the Nation’s Personality

by: Daniel Becker Well, the repubs finally have put up.  They have a $2.5 trillion, ten year savings plan.  No, don’t worry.  You will be kept safe as all national security is untouched.  However, you can expect to wake up the next day from passage in a nation with an completely different personality.  As in […]

Campaigning on Tax Increases II The Republicans.

Robert Waldmann Kevin Drum writes“The GOP leadership has released “Tread Boldly,” a guidebook for Republican members of congress during the summer recess, and it includes a whole section called “Spending Restraint Solutions for Discussion.” Finally, we’ll get some details! So here they are: ‘Canceling unspent “stimulus” funds, saving up to $266 billion …’ Being hep […]