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by Mike Kimel Some Thoughts on Statistical Analysis (A bit wonky) Via Tyler Cowen, a pretty good post on statistical analysis. While I suggest reading the post, I’ve reproduced the first sentence of each point the author makes below (though have cut out the pieces in betweeen): 1. When you don’t have to code your own estimators, youprobably won’t […]

If there was a Public Option in PPACA, what grounds would the Supreme Court use to overturn it?

The above is a more-than-semi-serious question. I’ll be blogging/tweeting the Kauffman Foundation’s Bloggers’s Forum tomorrow from 9:30-3:30 EDT (8:30-2:30 here in Kansas City; 6:30-12:30 in DeLong/Thomaville; in Hawaii, they’re still watching Dave Garroway). You can tell it has reached maturity because tomorrow’s presenters include J. Bradford DeLong, Scott Sumner, Tyler Cowen, and Karl Smith—and that’s […]

Links Worth Rants

Busy day on several fronts, but these should be discussed and I’ve already posted one rant this week, so a riff on the second piece would be overkill. Sort of an Open Thread, with four topics. Tyler Cowen argues that, instead of giving out stimulus monies, the government should just hire people directly. No, really: […]

Forthcoming Tyler Cowen articles that will be Echoed by Felix Salmon

References are here (Cowen) and here (Salmon).* Just because Charlie Sheen got drunk, did some other drugs, and committed adultery doesn’t mean he’ll do it again. Just because someone who calls himself Jack the Ripper has killed two women in London doesn’t mean he’ll do it again. Just because the U.S. dropped a hydrogen bomb […]

Libertarians Looking Vaguely in the Direction of Apostasy

by Mike Kimel Libertarians Looking Vaguely in the Direction of Apostasy Tyler Cowen is a prominent libertarian, a professor at GMU and Director of the Mercatus Institute. He is also on very, very dangerous ground. Lately he has had a couple of posts – the latest one here – that quote a new book by […]