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Previewing Blinder and Watson (2015)

by Mike Kimel Previewing Blinder and Watson (2015) Via James Hamilton at Econbrowser, I read about this paper by Blinder and Watson. From their abstract: The U.S. economy has performed better when the President of the United States is a Democrat rather than a Republican, almost regardless of how one measures performance. For many measures, including […]

GOP didn’t like the study on impact of tax cuts on economic growth

by Linda Beale GOP didn’t like the study on impact of tax cuts on economic growth The Congressional Research Service has long been respected as a non-partisan research organization that does in-depth studies as requested by Congress.  But when those non-partisan studies produce results that don’t jive with the right-wing mythology about tax cuts as […]

Disappearing inconvenient data

Via Barry Rithotz at The Big Picture comes Bruce Bartlett’s take on : Bruce Bartlett and the dangers of Republican know-nothingism  Bruce Bartlett goes off on some of the denialist behavior from the GOP. Bartlett writes: When a study doesn’t support their dogma, the GOP censors it: Nonpartisan Tax Report Withdrawn After G.O.P. Protest Original study […]

The 1964 Tax Cuts and Economic Growth – Paul Ryan Edition

by Mike Kimel The 1964 Tax Cuts and  Economic Growth – Paul Ryan Edition  During last week’s Vice Presidential debates, Paul Ryan stated: “Jack Kennedy lowered tax rates, increased growth.”  There was some commentary about Biden’s response (“Oh, now you’re Jack Kennedy.”) but just about everyone seems to miss what I think is the important point. Take […]

Cactus and his merry band of madmen…and Megan McArdle

I googled the title phrase and ‘Behold!’, here are the three links.  Mike also sent them. Cactus and his merry band of madmen and Megan McArdle Megan McArdle has a question Megan McArdle has a question: What happens to the cottage industry among Democratic-leaning armchair economists grinding out analyses proving that Democratic presidents are, like, totally […]

by Mike Kimel A Partial Review of Bulls Bears and the Ballot Boxby Bob Deitrick and Lew Goldfarb A couple of years ago, Michael Kanell of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and I wrote Presimetrics. In it, we looked at how Presidents did on a wide range of issues – everything from abortions to the national debt. We measured […]

Variations on "Only Nixon Can Go to China"

by Mike Kimel Variations on “Only Nixon Can Go to China” This is not a short post. Be forewarned. A few years ago, I co-authored a book called Presimetrics with Michael E. Kanell, a reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. In the book, we tried to take an objective look at how Presidents performed on […]