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Dr. Richard Wolff on the Sequester

I watched  Dr. Wolff (Professor emeritus, UMass) on this past week  episode with Bill Moyers.   At the end of this show, Mr. Moyers invited the viewers to submit questions to Dr. Wolf who has agreed to return in a couple of weeks to answer them. Here is he with an interview by Julianna Forlano of […]

Bill Black on the SOTU

There are many ways to view the State of the Union address, and perhaps each listener needs to assess how much importance to give to the issues offered for comment.  Most of us are not ‘one issue’ deal breaker sorts of people, but the impulse is strong for those issues we care about personally.  How […]

Deregulatory? Libertarian approach? Non dictatorial? Some humor is necessary

Jim Lehrer parody… Lehrer has defended his approach today. Of course, the debate format incentivizes particular behaviors for both men and their teams. Eyewitnesses tell their stories all over the web.  What is yours?

Variations on "Only Nixon Can Go to China"

by Mike Kimel Variations on “Only Nixon Can Go to China” This is not a short post. Be forewarned. A few years ago, I co-authored a book called Presimetrics with Michael E. Kanell, a reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. In the book, we tried to take an objective look at how Presidents performed on […]