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Cactus and his merry band of madmen…and Megan McArdle

I googled the title phrase and ‘Behold!’, here are the three links.  Mike also sent them. Cactus and his merry band of madmen and Megan McArdle Megan McArdle has a question Megan McArdle has a question: What happens to the cottage industry among Democratic-leaning armchair economists grinding out analyses proving that Democratic presidents are, like, totally […]

Project S.H.A.M.E. on Megan McArdle…

Angry Bear has had a history of disagreement with Megan McArdle via her Atlantic magazine posts (starting in 2007), at one point being called Mike and his merry madmen in print by Megan McArdle (in exasperation?). Still. the madmen included Mike, Dan Crawford, Spencer England, Ken Houghton, Robert Waldmann, and other notables brought in to […]