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Give It To Idaho …

AB: Another commentary about Oregon . . . “Give It To Idaho …” | Homeless on the High Desert, Ten Bears Oregon’s Appalachia. Associated Press and Central Oregon Daily report: Central OR lawmaker ignorant of US Constitution, Article VI, section 3 Of course it’s ignorant, the stupidest people in Oregon live in South Central Oregon. […]

Don’t Drink the Water – Mercury contamination

There are many places where the water has been polluted by something. Ten Bears talks about Bend, Oregon. 1979 and one of the largest environmental complaints was lodged by the Federal government against a major corporation. Acting on behalf of EPA, the Department of Justice filed four suits against Hooker Chemical Co. Hooker Chemical and […]

If This Goes On …

If This Goes On … | Homeless on the High Desert, Ten Bears June 29, 2022 in g’da said Republicans are absolutely going for the dark, theocratic future America First Legal (AFL), a right-wing group whose team includes several former Trump administration officials, is urging the Supreme Court to do even more to shatter what’s left of the […]

Think There’s a Connection … ?

“Ten Bears” poking at Fox News and Republicans downplaying the January 6 Insurrection by not broadcasting the 1st of six Hearings and probably the rest. One can only hope they will change their minds and take ownership of what they helped to sponsor. It is evident with their continuous denials, Homeless on the High Desert, […]

Simple Sabotage Field Manual

January 21, 2022 in g’da said, Homeless On the High Desert, Ten Bears Once top-secret CIA Simple Sabotage Field Manual … “Well this fun . . . Declassified June 16, 1976. “Regraded.” Ten Bears presents some methods I have seen work in business settings. Best bet, just nod your head and keep pushing. Organizations and Conferences Insist on […]

We’ve been over this before . . .

I have found Ten Bears in our comments section from time to time. I also followed the link to his blog “Homeless on the High Desert” and read a few of his posts. In “We’ve been over this before . . . ,” Ten Bears makes the point of migrants, people leaving their homeland to […]