Threw a Wrench In It

Threw a wrench in it . . . , Homeless On The High Desert, Ten Bears

December 13, 2021 in g’da said

 If this is new to you, you haven’t been paying attention ~

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows sent an email saying

the National Guard would be present to ‘protect pro Trump people’

in the lead up to the US Capitol insurrection, according to a new

contempt report released by the January 6 committee Sunday night.

Anyone that was paying attention saw this coming, was calling it out for what it was and no one was there. In one of those rare moments of cohesion “The Left” just wasn’t there: not the Anarchists, not Antifa, not Black Block, Black Lives Matter, Angry Moms, Leaf Blower Dads or the Monkey Wrench Gang.

There was no “opposition” there for them to call the Guard out on.

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I called it three days later