Western “Values”

Western “Values” … | Homeless on the High Desert

Dog named Cricket got a raw deal from an owner who could not train it, so took the easy way out. And she wants to be in the White House?


Donna asked me about this the other day and it doesn’t seem to be going away

First, let’s establish a couple of things: I am from Way Out West, from Eureka! California to Eureka! Montana; grew up in a logging, lumber and ranching town and my first job was on a cattle ranch, fifteen years old. Second: South Dakota is not way out west. It’s barely Montana; it’s the mid-west, the middle of nowhere

I’m not sure that I’d call it a “value” and I’m sure they probably do the same in the swamplands, but I’ve had to put a couple dogs down. An old friend, a Good Dog; an aggressive dog, and one that got into the chickens. It’s one of those things that happens, not something you brag about, write about in a book

I’ll tell you what’s not a “Western Value” ~ rushing a book to print for the sole purpose of it being a convention perk, jotting down whatever random memory comes to mind and giving it to a ghost-writer to fill out the bullshit details

What’s not a western value is not taking the time to properly train and care for working dogs and then just randomly shooting one because you didn’t like the way it turned out; and then because you’ve already got a gun in your hand and you’re on a rampage shoot the goat because don’t like it either. In front of kids

We used to discourage people like that from having guns, dogs, and children

I don’t know if it answers: what that bimbo’s selling ain’t Western Value

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