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Safe Healthcare Outcomes for Women Giving Birth

April 2019, I wrote on the topic of A Woman’s Right to Safe Healthcare Outcomes as asked by one organization a woman at ConsumerSafety.Org. It took me forever as I had to acquire greater understanding of the issues. In the end it was well received even though I did not feel it did the topic […]

No Longer Dominant, the AMA is Becoming Progressive

Recent New Yorker article, I read, “The Fight Within the American Medical Association“ What I found interesting is the AMA’s history in support and lack of it for better healthcare. It is going both ways while slowly advancing towards Single Payer. Out of necessity, the AMA has started to move closer to the reality of […]

I Got Caught Up in America’s Absurd Health Care System

Lambert at Naked Capitalism has an interesting article up as taken from KHN entitled “I Write About America’s Absurd Health Care System. Then I Got Caught Up in It” as detailed by Bram Sable-Smith. As taken from the KHN article, Bram describes the beginnings of his dilemma of getting Insulin: “I’d been waiting since September […]

Single Payer Health Care Financing Presentation – Three Part Series

PNHP, Single Payer Healthcare Financing Series, Kip Sullivan JD Kip Sullivan’s Three Part Presentation on Healthcare Finance Managed Care and Single Payer in Minnesota and the US. Answering the question of why Healthcare is so expensive in the United States as compared to other countries. Part 1: Single Payer Health Care Financing – Angry Bear […]

Single Payer Healthcare Financing – Part 3

PNHP Single Payer Healthcare Financing Series, Kip Sullivan JD As you can determine for yourself, this is the last Part of the Series by Kip Sullivan. I hope you have been listening to everything and reading being presented. A lot of detail here about what is wrong with Commercial Healthcare, Managed Care, and Medicare Advantage. […]

Single Payer Health Care Financing – Part 2

PNHP Single Payer Healthcare Financing Series, Kip Sullivan JD Kip Sullivan is known for his commentary on commercial healthcare and healthcare insurance. He is one of the few who can honestly depict what the issues are today and where we are going with healthcare in the US. In this segment Kip discusses the overuse of […]

Single Payer Healthcare Financing Series -Part 1

I ran across this three-part series while reading one of Kip Sullivan’s articles “Kip Sullivan on the Creeping Privatization of Medicare, ” Corporate Crime Reporter PNHP Single Payer Healthcare Financing Series, Kip Sullivan JD If you wish to understand the evolution of healthcare, like All On 4, and how we got to this point the […]

ACOs Did Not Cut Costs As Planned. It is Time to Stop the Experiment

Accountable Care Organizations don’t cut costs. It’s time to stop the managed care experiment, STAT, Kip Sullivan and James G. Kahn August 23, 2021 Kip Sullivan is a member of the advisory board of Health Care for All Minnesota. James G. Kahn is emeritus professor of health policy at the University of California San Francisco. For the last […]

Does Single Payer Pay for Itself?

by ProGrowthLiberal (originally published at Econospeak) Does Single Payer Pay for Itself? Was this the message of the title of the latest from Dean Baker: The economies of a single system can be viewed as analogous to the Social Security system, which has administrative costs that are less than 1/20th as much as privatized systems […]

Breaking The Healthcare Cost Curve…Maryland

 by Run75441 Breaking The Healthcare Cost Curve Re-posted from 2/20/2010 Quite a bit of the commentary has been written on the question of how-to-rein-in rising healthcare costs and to slow costs to less than the rate of inflation. Massachusetts has been able to provide healthcare to its citizens but still struggles with keeping healthcare insurance […]