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ACOs Did Not Cut Costs As Planned. It is Time to Stop the Experiment

Accountable Care Organizations don’t cut costs. It’s time to stop the managed care experiment, STAT, Kip Sullivan and James G. Kahn August 23, 2021 Kip Sullivan is a member of the advisory board of Health Care for All Minnesota. James G. Kahn is emeritus professor of health policy at the University of California San Francisco. For the last […]

Does Single Payer Pay for Itself?

by ProGrowthLiberal (originally published at Econospeak) Does Single Payer Pay for Itself? Was this the message of the title of the latest from Dean Baker: The economies of a single system can be viewed as analogous to the Social Security system, which has administrative costs that are less than 1/20th as much as privatized systems […]

Breaking The Healthcare Cost Curve…Maryland

 by Run75441 Breaking The Healthcare Cost CurveRe-posted from 2/20/2010 Quite a bit of the commentary has been written on the question of how-to-rein-in rising healthcare costs and to slow costs to less than the rate of inflation. Massachusetts has been able to provide healthcare to its citizens but still struggles with keeping healthcare insurance costs […]

Still fixing the fixed, fixed healthcare system

by Daniel Becker I posted in 7/2009 on the issue of fixing our healthcare system based on the Massachusetts model. The first was Massachusetts is fixing the fixed healthcare system.   The second was a followup to the first:  Fixing the fixing. Healthcare Deja vu. The issue was that we are dancing around. All the proposals […]

Heath Care Reform– Looking at the Glass Half-Full

Rdan (Run 75441…h/t) Maggie Mahar writes an essay that is now cross posted at Angry Bear with the author’s permission: Health Beat, a Project of the Century Foundation;November 4, 2009 Heath Care Reform– Looking at the Glass Half-Full What Has Been Accomplished; What Still Must Be Done These days, many progressives are expressing deep disappointment […]

Health Care billing examples. The "public option" can’t work.

by Divorced one like Bush For your consideration here are some real numbers from a Medicare Advantage policy via United Health Care Cat Scan billed $1042.00Not Covered $ 831.68That means the contracted charge for this service with UHC is $210.32.Copay $ 42.06UHC payment $ 168.26 The “copay” is 20%. Same plan has a “Deductible/Copay” individual […]