Single Payer Healthcare Financing – Part 3

PNHP Single Payer Healthcare Financing Series, Kip Sullivan JD

As you can determine for yourself, this is the last Part of the Series by Kip Sullivan. I hope you have been listening to everything and reading being presented. A lot of detail here about what is wrong with Commercial Healthcare, Managed Care, and Medicare Advantage.

I posed a question to Kip after a couple of paragraphs.


This series is perfect for me. It arms me with data. I will have to go back through it several times to gather up all the detail. Which brings me to a point with Kip. Asking him, if you could only present 12 slides out of the entire presentation and had 30 minutes to talk to a crowd who basically do not care about whether they have VAP or Single Payer, what would you present? The crowd is not me or the people listening to you at this presentation.  

It is a group of people who think Advantage is the greatest thing on this earth because they have everything they want which they can not get with Medicare by itself. They do not understand there is a point which will be reached where their plans will be cut. Cut because of the price of the programs. 18% of the economy is a large number. 10% is also. 

What would you say to the man or woman on the street?


I wouldn’t change any of the slides for such an audience. They need to understand how Medicare Advantage plans are overpaid and why the overpayments go on even after the diagnosis-based risk adjuster was implemented in 2004-06.

What I would say is:

1. Taxpayers, including all current MA enrollees, all traditional Medicare enrollees, and all non-elderly workers, are paying far more for the extra services MA enrollees enjoy,
2, Many sicker MA enrollees are harmed by MA plans, and
3. By driving up Medicare’s costs Medicare Advantage is endangering Medicare for everyone — MA enrollees, traditional Medicare enrollees, and the non-elderly.

Part 3

Kip has built a foundation in support of the last 15 minutes of Part 3. I would also pay close atention to the questions being asked and his answers afterwards.

Thank you Kip Sullivan for allowing me to present this on Angry Bear.