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Natural Gas Up, SPR same, Oil Supply Down, Gasoline Supplies Up

Commenter Blogger RJS Summary: Natural gas supplies above average for first time since April. Strategic Petroleum Reserve at a 19-year low. Total oil & products supplies near a 7-year low. Total oil supply falls by most in 25 weeks. Gasoline supplies jump most in 20 months. Distillate’s demand falls by most in 5 years. DUC […]

Capitol Rioters PPP Loans are Forgiven, But Not Those Damn Students Loans

I saw this story on PPP Loans at Crooks and Liars (Chris capper Liebenthal). It was a “wow” moment. “The Capitol Rioters Had Their Big PPP Loans Forgiven by the Government” Daily Dot, Eric Leval “The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), promised to cover the cost of employee payroll of small businesses, at a time when […]

Vaccination reduces the probability of new variants

Professor Joel Eissenberg, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology While vaccination reduces the probability of new variants; sadly, there are selfish citizens among us who refuse to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Their belief in a decision only affecting themselves. This belief is false. Failing to get vaccinated increases the chances of infecting others and of hosting a […]

Voters in West Virginia . . .

Voters in West Virginia Support the Build Back Better Agenda, Senior Analyst, Ethan Winter, Data for Progress, August 27, 2021 From August 20, to August 27; Data for Progress organization “conducted a survey of 348 likely voters in West Virginia” to discover whether there was voter support for Biden’s Build Back Better bill. As you […]

Record High in Producer Price Index and Other Market Indicators

Record 9.6% Annual Increase in November Producer Price Index; Record 6.9% YoY Increase in Core Prices; Record 7.1% YoY Increase for Final Demand Services, Record 14.9% Increase for Final Demand Goods, and a 46+ year Record for Prices of Intermediate Goods, RJS, MarketWatch 666 The seasonally adjusted Producer Price Index (PPI) for final demand rose 0.8% in […]

Waldman on Waldmann

“the economist who thinks he has caught what all the virologists have missed” is right here Paul. OK now I have to put my mouth where my mouth is. I do honestly think I have answers which are of interest to actual virologists. Start with the antibody, then find the antigen. This is really a […]

Land Rich, Cash Poor

Farmer and Agriculture Economist Michael Smith “[Land profits] are a species of revenue which the owner, in many cases, enjoys without the care and attention of his own” -Adam Smith In other words, land appreciates not by the owners doing, but his neighbors.  Sure, there are certain things that can be done to improve land, […]

Un Tiro Manchin

The italian idiom for a low blow (also for an unexpected blow) is “un tiro mancino” literally a left handed blow. Manchin hit all the other Democrats with a tiro mancino yesterday. Notably “mancino” means left handed so, hard as it is to believe, he had ancestors who were lefties as in left handed. Aside […]

This is Just Cringeworthy

Cringeworthy, are the numbers of people who still are unvaccinated and believe they will not be stricken by Covid. Hospitals, doctors, nurses and the staff are at critical mass again. Meanwhile courts continue to block mandatory vaccinations on the premise it is their right to become infected and endanger others. And Republicans are cheering on […]