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Coronavirus variant update: and on to the BA.4/5 wave

Coronavirus variant update: and on to the BA.4/5 wave Last week the CDC update showed variant “Ba.1.1.526” increasing quickly to 6.6% of all cases. Although they did not note it, I wrote that this was almost certainly Ba.4/5; they simply had not made the change yet. Well, this week they did. This morning’s “nowcast” update […]

Rationale for a Post Office Suspension Dashboard: Comments for the PRC’s Public Inquiry

In the commentary, Steve Hutkins is addressing is Post Office Suspension of operations. In this case, there are 454 Post Offices in suspension with no resolution. Some Suspensions have been as long as 5 years. The issue is the Suspension and a potential the policy of a Suspension being used to close a Post Office […]

Mike Pence Gains President trump’s Ire

“The day before a mob of President Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff called the lead Secret Service agent to his West Wing office. The chief of staff, Marc Short, had a message for the agent, Tim Giebels: President trump was going to turn publicly […]

The real reason nurses are leaving

From the Boston Globe comes this opinion piece on part-of-what-is-wrong with the hospital system: “Ask any bedside nurse what the worst part of the job is, and chances are they won’t even mention bodily fluids or patients’ insults. The answer I hear most often is the same as mine: “charting.” Accurate, timely charting of nearly […]

Why Do Republicans Allow the Slaughtering of Children to Protect Guns?

May 24, 2022, Uvalde Texas Authorities stood by and allowed one individual to slaughter the children at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. The Uvalde police, Texas State Police, etc. who are to serve and protect all, stood by and disallowed others to go and rescue children. The calls kept coming in to 911 for help. […]

Ammosexual fantasy vs real life

Ammosexual amateurs think a gun gives them superpowers. In reality, trained law enforcement only hit their target ca. 30% of the time on average at close range in an active shooter event. And that’s with training and regular practice. Unless you’re training regularly, you’re not going to protect yourself with a gun, and you’re likely […]

1st Qtr Revision, PI and Outlays, Durable Goods, and New Home Sales

RJS: MarketWatch 666 Summary: 1st quarter GDP revision; April’s personal income and outlays, durable goods, and new home sales 1st Quarter GDP Revised to Show Our Economy Shrunk at a 1.5% Rate The Second Estimate of our 1st Quarter GDP from the Bureau of Economic Analysis indicated that our real output of goods and services shrunk at […]

Memorial Day 2022

Memorial Day 2022 Memorial Day is that most somber of national observances, in which we remember all those, of whatever race, creed, color, or nationality, who gave their lives so that government of the People, by the People, and for the People shall not perish from the Earth. In past years I have included photographs of […]

Natural gas prices hit 13½ year high, Oil Exports at 26 Month High . . .

RJS: Focus on Fracking Summary: natural gas prices hit 13½ year high after a six-fold increase in less than 2 years; US oil exports at a 26 month high even with SPR at a 34½ year low & US oil supplies at a 17 year low; total oil + products inventories at a new 13½ […]

An Army of All-American Paramilitary Death-Squad Soloists

An Army of All-American Paramilitary Death-Squad Soloists In their 2014 Super Bowl ad (declined by the NFL), Daniel Defense, the AR-15 merchants of death, EXPLICITLY tied a ‘paramilitary army-of-one’ motif to its role as a military-industrial complex supplier. A man arrives home — presumably from a tour of duty — and enters the house past […]