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A Look at Drug Pricing 2020, Costs, and Why – “Redux”

I had written on the high cost of pharmaceuticals late 2019, “Another Look at Drug Pricing, Costs, and Why” citing from the World Health Organization, the ICER, JAMA Network, Health Affairs, and my own posts (links below and in text). You will find the some of the same articles cited in new commentary of increased drug costs in the Washington Post, Kaiser Health News, and Medpage Today. It appears the three of them have caught up with Angry Bear’s coverage on the rising costs of pharmaceuticals except we go deeper into this issue. A footnote would have been nice as my information has been out for ~ 1 year now.

The Cost Table (below) lists the most common prescriptions from 2012 through 2017 as detailed in the May 2019 JAMA Network Open’s article “Trends in Prices of Popular Brand-Name Prescription Drugs in the United States” shows  median total costs and percent change in price for 49 high volume brand name drugs over six years. If you care to read it, this JAMA Network Open article is open to anyone.

A Bit of A Summary

This particular table can also be found in another post I wrote; Does Trump Read JAMA Network Open? which reviewed the latest JAMA findings (Trends in Prices of Popular Brand-Name Prescription Drugs in the United States) on pharmaceutical price increases from 2012 to 2017. It is another in a series of articles (by me) which has looked at the rising prices of pharmaceuticals. The World Health Organization (2018) findings cited here reflect on R & D costs for cancer drugs and the amount of time needed to recoup those costs (median of 3 years for $750 million) with an average return of $14. 50 for every $1 invested in R & D for cancer drugs.  For the maximum estimated risk-adjusted cost of R&D (US$2.827 BN), the time to cost recovery was 5 years (range: 2 years; 10 years, n=56).

Click on the JAMA Table: Median Total Cost of Top-Selling Brand-Name Drugs 2012 – 2017 to enlarge and again to magnify if needed.

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