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Prosecuting Trump — a caveat,

Infidel753, “Prosecuting Trump — a caveat,” Infidel753 Blog It’s starting to look as if Trump may be indicted fairly soon, an event much of the left has been impatient to see for some time (what I myself most wanted was to simply never hear another word about him, but it’s clear that the reality we live […]

Infidel753: “What the NRA gets right — and wrong”

Introduction: Each time there is a mass shooting, Angry Bear will take a stance on the issue. A stance which many will not like. Angry Bear is tolerant of opposing views to a point. For the record, I am an XMarine Sergeant who was an Expert with a straight-out-of-the-armory stock M14. I grew up shooting […]

No complacency after the election

Infidel753: No complacency after the election Democrats have every right to celebrate the results of this month’s election.  The red wave fizzled out.  The Republicans took the House majority by only a tiny margin, which will be rendered unworkable by their own flaming-nutball fringe.  Democrats held the Senate and will probably get to 51-49 after […]

Putin’s war comes home

Infidel753, Putin’s war comes home. For most of the duration of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the majority of Russians have either supported the aggression or at least not objected too energetically.  The war did not affect them much, except insofar as Western sanctions did.  That is now changing, thanks to Putin’s ill-advised and stunningly incompetent […]

A few observations on freedom

Guest Post by Infidel as posted from his Blog of the same name. Intro . . . In the real world, which contains many individuals interacting within a society, overall freedom is maximized when the total ability of all individuals to do whatever they want is maximized.  In practice, achieving this involves a vast number […]

The raid

As taken from Infidel753‘s Blog, Infidel, “The raid.” Written not even two weeks ago and accurate as to what took place leading up to the raid, reactions by “wingnuts,” and the blogosphere perspective on what they call an illegal raid. Republicans deceiving themselves is still on going since January 6. Rather than aligning themselves with […]

Ding, dong…..

Post written by Infidel753 as copied from his blog of the same name. The topic? Munchkin blue Kansas. Ding, dong….. Infidel753 Traditionally, Kansas has been as ruby-red as the slippers sported by its most iconic fictional inhabitant — but the state is looking a little more Munchkin-blue right now, with its voters dropping a house […]