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Adjudication by Fox

Credit Kevin for bold creative thinking. Of course, the privatizing of adjudication was logically next given that state legislatures had long since been farming it all out to ALEC. Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, …, — all the reds. Legislating’s really hard when you can barely read and write. There’s no telling how much state and federal […]

Infidel753: “What the NRA gets right — and wrong”

Introduction: Each time there is a mass shooting, Angry Bear will take a stance on the issue. A stance which many will not like. Angry Bear is tolerant of opposing views to a point. For the record, I am an XMarine Sergeant who was an Expert with a straight-out-of-the-armory stock M14. I grew up shooting […]

Fantasy: "If only someone had a gun". Reality: Lakewood Wash Nov 29, 2009

‘Horror scene’ as 4 Lakewood police officers shot, killed LAKEWOOD, Wash. – Four uniformed police officers were shot and killed in a bloody Sunday morning attack at a Lakewood-area coffee shop, and investigators are seeking a person of interest in the killings, officials said.Pierce County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Ed Troyer said the person they are […]