Adjudication by Fox

Credit Kevin for bold creative thinking. Of course, the privatizing of adjudication was logically next given that state legislatures had long since been farming it all out to ALEC. Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, …, — all the reds. Legislating’s really hard when you can barely read and write. There’s no telling how much state and federal legislation the NRA has had ghostwritten. Some states had forever commercialized their courts to the extent there was an established price associated with each judgeship. Of late, Mitch and Donald farmed out the Supreme to the Federalists Society.

But, who but bold Kevin would have thought of Tucker for much of anything; let alone adjudicating the Jan 6th Insurrection Protest? No qualifications at all. None required; it seems. Other the Fox one. The 4th branch of government? Or, the 5th estate? For sure, more powerful than the Republican Party.

If one were a Republican, Fox could make or break you. Roger proposed Fox in order to be able to tell people what to think. It do, and what they want to hear, too, it seems. The 4th? The 5th? Whatever? For sure, Rupert’s Fox is a business model any third-world banana republic could be proud of. But, — ‘Tucker the Adjudicator’?