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Biden, Netanyahu, and Gaza

First if my obsession with sharing ideas based on my almost total ignorance is getting to be a nuisance please tell me (can’t hurt – might get me to stop – no promises). Second, many commenters (on my pointless posts below) claim that the USA could prevent Israel from killing even larger numbers of Palestinians […]


The situation at the Rafah crossing from the Gaza strip to Egypt is crazy beyond belief. Crazy things are happing. Sane things are not happening, basically because it is closed even though there are US citizens desperate to cross it to get out of the Gaza strip and a desperate need to get food and […]

A Question About Gaza

by cactus A Question About Gaza I’m trying to understand the situation in Gaza. I understand that Israel manages to exert some control over Gaza’s borders and airspace. Israel has also tried to choke off the flow of weapons into Gaza and this embargo is being blamed for much of the hardship that residents of […]

Gaza: An Unnecessary War

By Stormy Former President Jimmy Carter writes an excellent op-ed piece in the Washington Post today on why the invasion of Gaza was totally unnecessary. He begins by acknowledging the effect of Hamas rockets into southern Israel: After visiting Sderot last April and seeing the serious psychological damage caused by the rockets that had fallen […]

The Tragedy of Gaza and The Testing of Obama

When Biden talked of Obama being tested, he should have noted that some of our so-called friends will test him even more. So it is with the horror that is now Gaza. American-Likud foreign policy has been cruel and disastrous. The Likud government continues to expand its settlements, cutting so-called Palestine into ever more pronounced […]