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Simple Commenting Practices at Angry Bear

Commenting Information & Practices

  1. We do not see every comment made on every post. We are also not at Angry Bear all the time.
  2. Notify us about offensive, discriminatory, etc. comments. Dan, Eric or myself will review them and take action if needed. Understand, we do not see everything.
  3. Confine your actions to reporting. Try not to answer someone who is making offensive, discriminatory, etc. comments as it may encourage them.
  4. Becoming indignant with us for offensive, discriminatory, etc. comments does not make the comment go away.
  5. Making an offensive, discriminatory, etc. comments will likely result in a comment ending up in the trash “initially.”
  6. If a commenter persists in bad commenting practices, the commenter will end up in “spam” and banned.
  7. To my knowledge, Authors can see the comments to their posts.
  8. To my knowledge, authors do have the ability to trash a comment.

Commenting to Posts

  1. Stay on topic to a Post. Off-topic comments can be deleted.
  2. Each week, Dan puts up an Open Thread. Off-topic comments or subjects can be posted to the Open Thread. The rules are the same for offensive, discriminatory, etc. comments on the Open Thread.
  3. If you disagree with the author on the a post subject, you need to post your own references to support your point.
  4. Picking a fight with the author of a comment is not going to help you make your point.

I believe just about everyone understands this. It is no different elsewhere.

Open Threads for Off Topic Comments

Each week, Dan puts up an Open Thread post for people to use to discuss topics not related to posts. “Redundant alert,” off-topic comments or subjects to posts can be discussed in the Open Threads.

The rules are the same for hateful, discriminatory, etc. comments on an Open Thread. Don’t do it or you will be trashed or tossed into “spam.”

We do not see everything written. If we miss it, take a moment and let us know directly rather than comment on a thread.

Posts and comments

I dearly love comment sections on certain websites. Some are entertaining, and some are guaranteed to lead to links for further thought. Others are stocked with slogans and utterances of magical thought without caveat. However, what can be missed are those posts which do not draw much comment…it needs to be mentioned that these posts can be read widely based on stats for visits. Hence this post to reassure contributors…check your stats.

Then there are those posts which much later in the news cycle or even months later catch on…but don’t spark commentary. And sometimes something just needs saying.

From The New Yorkervia Monday funnies:

Notice on commenting

Comments have gotten heated and way off base (not a political statement 🙂 if the goal is adding knowledge and a thorough critique of ideas that are presented. I will be taking a more active role in moderation. I think we had crossed a boundary somewhere along the line.

The Brown-Johnston back and forth seemed a good choice because it involved multiple points to address and demanded the reader actually read an entire post and replies. Too often we stop at one point we question or occur to us that is missing, reply, and leave it at that, only to find it was dealt with later in the posting or comments.

(There are a number here that stop conservation completely unless giving each other the finger is debate)

In addition, such as today authors will be coming by to comment such as David Cay Johnston is doing today and later this evening Ian Fletcher should, so there is incentive to behave as if we have guests in the house.