Commenting on Angry Bear

You have to be on topic to the post to which you are commenting. And “no” this is not my “site,” it is Dan’s site. I will follow his directives from the last time we talked.

If you are a regular here, I have made this known as a moderator. Respect the author by being on topic. Also, respect the author by not making your comment about them.

There are Open Threads to which I make a statement and to which you can comment about or go off in a different direction with your commentary. If you do not see a new Open Thread every four days, let me know and I’ll create one.

I like reading your comments.

Joel Eissenberg has joined with me to help with Angry Bear and also write on different topics other than mine. He is an Administrator also and will have moderating capabilities also. There has to be more than one of us administering the site. Just a heads up.

Thank you.