Notice on commenting

Comments have gotten heated and way off base (not a political statement ūüôā if the goal is adding knowledge and a thorough critique of ideas that are presented. I will be taking a more active role in moderation. I think we had crossed a boundary somewhere along the line.

The Brown-Johnston back and forth seemed a good choice because it involved multiple points to address and demanded the reader actually read an entire post and replies. Too often we stop at one point we question or occur to us that is missing, reply, and leave it at that, only to find it was dealt with later in the posting or comments.

(There are a number here that stop conservation completely unless giving each other the finger is debate)

In addition, such as today authors will be coming by to comment such as David Cay Johnston is doing today and later this evening Ian Fletcher should, so there is incentive to behave as if we have guests in the house.