Being Polite

I am seeing issues with commenting. I want to touch on the topic a bit.

  • Being off topic.
  • Attacks on the poster rather than discussing the article.
  • Long copy and pastes to specific articles. Too many of them also. Open threads can be “reasonably” used for such.

Be polite in your comments.

Joel and I are open to comments. We do not critique how you write something, its wording, etc. We may agree or disagree. When a comment goes awry, off topic, attacks another or the author, or focuses on the blog owners or others; the comment is not acceptable. It does not help Angry Bear blog either.

You may end up in the trash.

Be kind to the authors. If you do not understand, ask a question. Do NOT critique the writing of the person.

We are not dumpster divers either. If your comments are going into the trash all the time, they “may” be too long, etc.

I read just about everything. So does Joel.