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Digby on Dean Digby at Hullabaloo gives his take on the issue, which is similar to mine, but a bit more irate: I’m more pragmatic than I’ve ever been about presidential politics, and I know that he wasn’t actually endorsing the confederate flag, but antipathy to this symbol is embedded in the DNA of African […]

I’m 30% Poorer! Tomorrow I leave for a short trip to Europe for a conference. I just checked the latest exchange rates, and am now cursing Bush’s incompetently executed weak dollar policy. Take a look at the graph below of the euro/dollar exchange rate: The dollar has lost nearly 30% of its value against the […]

Explaining Hussein’s Thinking This morning’s Washington Post has a fascinating report on the results of a set of interviews with, among others, Tariq Aziz. The overarching theme of the interviews is: “What the heck was Hussein thinking???” Specifically: – Why didn’t Hussein didn’t fight back against the initial US invasion in March? Hussein concluded after […]

What did they know that we didn’t? Via Yahoo News: Last year the monkeys made their presence felt by hanging from window ledges and screeching at reporters arriving for a news conference with visiting U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. AB

Dean’s Southern Strategy? This statement by Dean is clearly not as bad as his rivals are making it out to be: “I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks,” the former Vermont governor said in an interview published Saturday in the Des Moines Register. “We can’t beat […]

Lou Dobbs Smackdown Julian Sanchez administers a nice one, along with a solid argument for free trade, here. My favorite part comes at the end: When it comes to trade, Dobbs’ one-sidedness gets things even more dramatically backwards. I had always been under the naive impression that we have jobs in order to be able […]

Krugman on The Summer Boom Kash goes a long way towards explaining the summer boom in the previous post, and he makes a good case that it’s likely to be revised down toward a still-meaty 6%. Here’s Krugman’s take from today’s NYT: …This time around growth has a much better foundation: final demand — demand […]

Explaining the GDP Boom Further insight into yesterday’s big GDP numbers was provided by the release this morning of the September personal income and spending data by the BEA. Both income and spending were sharply lower in September compared to August. The reason? Overwhelmingly, it was because of the end of the one-time tax rebates […]

300% More Libertarian! Wasting time, I took this political views quiz, which reveals that I am precisely as liberal as Matt Yglesias (we’re both two units left of center, placing us in the neigborhood of Jean Chretien), but two units more Libertarian (scoring a 3 vs. a 1). Hey Matt, why do you want government […]

It’s not my fault, unless the issue is GDP growth, in which case I get all the credit As evidenced by this week’s flap over the Navy forcing the White House to put up the Mission Accomplished sign, this administration is great at buck-passing (Tresy at corrente has an excellent summary). But that only applies […]