Super Tuesday Voter Turnout

Hearing that democratic turnout has been stronger in the past primaries prior to Super Tuesday, I used C & L’s chart data to total up the voter count. I exclude the states that did not have duel party primaries. The turnout was 14,865,735 democratic to 8,929,123 republican. The republican turnout was 60% of the democratic turnout.

I then went to this map to see the “red states” from 2004 and calculated the voter turnout. Super Tuesday had 11 red states voting. Of those, 8 had more democratic voters than republican voters for Super Tuesday. For those 8 states (AR, CO, GA, MO, ND, OK, TN, UT) it was 3,407,658 democratic voters, 2,963,340 republican voters. The republican turnout was 87% of the democratic.

For the 3 remaining states of the 11 “red” (AK, AL, AZ) it was 1,001,540 republican voter turnout to 902,755 democratic voter turnout. The democratic turnout was 90% of the republican.

Interesting no? Cha, cha, cha changes…